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Pro Tools features

Artist chat app for smart phones

We need an Artist Chat App for smartphones.

If I'm waiting for new files, or an approval before I proceed with the project, now I have to wait in front of the computer or use Safari with everything the implies.


Wanted features:

-Notifications when a new file is uploaded or changed.

-Notifications on new message.

-Notification on any activity.

-Access to all information in the Artist Chat window in Pro Tools.

Submitted by (@trond0)

Opertaing System(s) : macOS 10.12


3 votes

Pro Tools features

Access HDX Card DSP while using Core Audio Interface

I would love to be able to use my HDX Card's DSP while using a core audio interface. I am currently using a Merging Technologies Horus which allows me to access far more channels at high sample rates through core audio/ethernet port, than through Digilink/HDX port. But I still want to use the DSP resources for mixing.


Thank you Kindly.

Submitted by (@manalivestudios)

Opertaing System(s) : macOS 10.12


4 votes

Pro Tools features

Insert Time and Cut Time on separate keyboard shortcuts

I use the Time Insert and Time Cut ALL the time. It would be so much better if these two functions were separate keyboard shortcuts instead of being tied to a drop down on the Time Operations tool (Alt+1) Its super quick using (Alt+1, Enter) to continually make cuts or adding space. But having to switch back and forth clicking on the drop down, half the time accidentally clicking Change Meter or Song Start, is pretty ...more »

Submitted by (@kevin07)

Opertaing System(s) : Windows 10


6 votes

Pro Tools bugs

Smart Tool Intermittently not Working in PT 12.8.3

Trashcan Mac Pro (2013) 6-Core - OS X Sierra 10.12.6 - Pro Tools 12.8.3


The smart tool intermittently will not switch between trim, hand, and fades tools correctly while editing no matter where you place the cursor - have to shake mouse all over the screen and it will finally work.

Submitted by (@darnsandnoble)

Opertaing System(s) : macOS 10.12

Pro Tools bugs

GUI Lag with PT 12.8.3 on Supported System

Trashcan Mac Pro (2013) 6-Core, AMD FirePro D500 Graphics, OS X Sierra 10.12.6


Same GUI lag that was present in 12.8.2 - seems to come and go at times - most noticeable when zoomed in a few levels on the edit view. Sometimes helps to close and re-open session/application, other times does not. No background activities consuming system resources aside from PT. Lag unnoticeable when zoomed out enough levels.

Submitted by (@darnsandnoble)

Opertaing System(s) : macOS 10.12

Pro Tools bugs

Audio playback switches to USB when device plugged in - overriding thunderbolt device

I have a Universal Audio Apollo thunderbolt interface which never gets unplugged - but when I have a usb device plugged in and powered on (such as an Axe FX or Line 6 POD) Pro Tools will switch the audio playback device on its own during launch. I have to shut off the USB devices before launching Pro Tools to prevent this - it would be nice if the audio playback device would stay configured to thunderbolt (or whatever ...more »

Submitted by (@darnsandnoble)

Opertaing System(s) : n/a, macOS 10.12


2 votes

Pro Tools bugs

Playback glitch while editing in stereo playlist view.

During playback, editing a clip on a stereo track while in playlist view causes a system-wide playback glitch the first time an edit is made, and then a playhead jump on the second edit. Mono playlist editing doesn’t cause the glitch, but stereo and LCR do. PT 12.8.1 doesn't exhibit this behavior, 12.8.3 does.


macOS 10.13.2

Pro Tools 12.8.3

Submitted by (@reichman)

Community Discussion Link : http://duc.avid.com/showthread.php?t=396319

Opertaing System(s) : n/a