192kHz Grand Piano TDM (not RTAS) Plugin from AIR

192kHz Grand Piano TDM (not RTAS) Plugin from AIR

There are many on the market but they all use RTAS / AU / VST which is limiting for alot of Pro Tools users. Sample to 100 layers + , to get the most precise touch. e.g. Boesendorfer with Optical sensors, Steinweg (way), Yamaha, Petrof etc...

Also include in this list a STRIKE, ORCHESTRA, SYNTH, BASS, GUITAR, CHOIR with words - but this time with 100% clear articulation - not like another product I know all to TDM not RTAS. Ideally, a MEGA PLugin with ALL of these options but to an EPIC Level, 192kHz, 24bit and to take up an entire Monitor (or two) to display the results. This would be a killer Plug-in.



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  1. Comment

    Anyone that knows any thing about converters know that 192kHz doesn't sound better than 96kHz. You are asking for way too much. Also it would take 100GB of sample data for one instrument.

  2. Comment
    phillmcmurtry ( Idea Submitter )

    Oh come on! Play it fair. Today, Intel announced a 48-Core SCC processor so technology is exponentially getting better. Perhaps we can go back to RTAS instruments in a few years time when the computers can handle all of the required instruments? Who knows? Hard Drives are getting cheaper and larger, RAM is getting cheaper and faster, MASTER busses on MB's, multithreading etc.....they too are all improving. Solid state hard drives will dominate over the next 5 - 10 years.

    Also, there are plenty of other manufacturers who already have sample instruments at 192kHz. EWQL are just one! Why are you so surprised by my request to DIGIDESIGN to follow them? 192kHz WILL sound better and is a subjective thing. Obviously my ears are better than yours. Theoretically, the waveforms will be read and written with better quality.

    My request still stands and we must keep the bar high. If your bar is lower then so be it. We will have to agree to disagree.

  3. Comment
    Markeyse Mundy

    TDM is showing it's age. With Multicore/multithreaded processors, fast and massive amounts of RAM, and new SSDs hitting the market, I see no big need of TDM in the future. I would rather see a RTAS ver 3.0.

  4. Comment
    phillmcmurtry ( Idea Submitter )

    Yes, I agree, you are correct there, TDM is old now. And yes, Expansion chassis are way overpriced. On the other point, if you have 3 HD/Accel cards with a lot more Processors on it than any single computer then it is no contest. If you own one HD/Accel card then it may be comparable with something like a Mac Pro (8 core machine) for instance. Personally, I have 3 cards and could do with a S/W that uses TDM over RTAS on my ageing G5 PowerMac (only 2 processors) and to upgrade from PCI-X to PCI-e will cost a small fortune. For the time being, I must live with the G5 maxing out very quickly on RTAS. Hey ho! Therein lies the problem for the next 3 years or more until I save up enough beans! ;-)

  5. Comment
    Markeyse Mundy

    Comparable? Have you heard of Intel Core series? You get a Core i7 920 that can do over 300 instances of DVerb compared to 30 on a HD|3 system. Might not be an apples to apples comparison, but shows the raw power of these processors. I have a Core 2 Quad, and It loads programs with large piano patches like the Reason Piano ReFills, and it barely stresses instances the CPU. and with the new Nehalem "i7" chips, is even more powerful. The Mac Pros will eat TDM for lunch. Your computer is the main culprit. Since most people would like to get rid of TDM, maybe it should be time to update the rig, or buy a cheaper computer to run those plug ins.

  6. Comment
    phillmcmurtry ( Idea Submitter )

    Yes I know but you are assuming that I can afford to upgrade my ageing G5 and I can't.......today. Please see my comments from 21 days ago about the new 48-Core SCC processor technology which will eat all 2 x Quad Core Technology in the Mac Pro (PCI-e) when it comes out commercially. I already run a lot of Plug-ins from Logic Pro on my 8 Core Mac Pro (lightpiped and Network MIDI'ed to the G5) but and this is a big but.... I have a wonderful amount of plug ins on the G5 like STRIKE, HYBRID which are only RTAS and they max out the G5....obviously with large sessions of s/w synths, reverbs etc... I also can't afford to pay $2000 for a Expansion Chassis or PCI-X to PCI-e upgrade...hence.....I must wait. It's just time. Believe me, although TDM is still old, alot of this power could be harnessed for people in my situation. Apples for apples, yes, agreed, no comparison between DSP and i7....Nehalem blah blah blah

  7. Comment
    Markeyse Mundy

    I didn't say you can afford it. Just saying as far as the computer world goes, its old (My Q6700 is old now too). I'm not sure about the 48-Core CPU, as Intel as well as other companies are working on Atomic Processing as well, as we will be approaching the limit on shrinking the CPU Die. It is amazing but Intel haven't specifically announced this yet (don't forget about the 80-90 core chips too, but those are not for General purpose use, they more so work like DSPs). I would see about running Pro Tools on your Mac Pro rig. You will also benifit when Avid makes Pro Tools fully 64 bit compliant.

    As for the i7, yea that is what happens when you make a great product. That is my next big upgrade. Or shall I say, next build since I will have to upgraded my motherboard as well.

  8. Comment
    phillmcmurtry ( Idea Submitter )

    Digidesign, as well as my previous requests, please make your plugins like HYBRID , STRIKE etc... TDM compatible rather than just RTAS. You will be helping an awful amount of folks with the same problems as myself, that is, affording an expensive upgrade which is just not going to happen for years to come. I would be willing to pay a small fee for the privilege.

    Yours sincerely,

    Phill McMurtry

  9. Comment
    phillmcmurtry ( Idea Submitter )

    Dear Digidesign,

    The future......

    Please could you also consider some new iHD Cards with i7 Intel Nehalem or better processors on them for the future. This will put the initial demand on the Cards rather than the computer processors. Of course, ProTools will be able to utilise both! Make it affordable and very powerful for the greatest of projects.


  10. Comment

    Sell your three HD cards, get 3 or 4 grand, buy an i7. Its simple really, and MUCH higher performance.

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