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Add custom sounds to the Click plug-in

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    I used to be able (in 7.4 and below) to send the midi data from the metronome to a boss DR660 and use the sounds from it sending the audio back out to the input of my click track............well in PT8 I can't get it to work...bummer.

    some listenable sounds built in would be great!!!

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    I believe you can already do that with the TLMetro click plug-in. It would be nice if "Create Click Track" defaulted to that plug-in.

  3. Comment

    TLMetro click plug-in has this already.

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    Be sure you have things setup correctly in the dialog accessible from the Setup...Click/Countoff menu. Also, be sure to select Click under the Options menu.

    (I hope that helps.)

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    thanks Taz, I just did not have the input set correctly to where the audio output from the drum matching was coming from, I have it working now, its nice to have all of the sounds available.

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