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Where is audio to midi?!? Digi, its 2009! You have a great program but sometimes I wonder... If we had this, we wouldn't have to buy Drumagog to replace live drum sounds. We'd do audio to midi, then use the new midi track with BFD or DFH Superior.

We could sing a bass line and then have XPand play it on the bass!


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    I would love to see a REAL TIME pitch-to-midi RTAS plug-in. Something like a pitch-to-midi hardware unit, but as software in PT. It would hopefully allow an audio signal to generate midi information and appear as a midi source to record into a midi or instrument track.

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    Studio Vision Pro pulled this one off. It would be great!

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    This hardly 'works' in for example logic..

    If you need it for drums - massey has a free, or very cheap plug for just this.


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    A major time saver and an unbelievable feature to be able to convert audio to midi not only for drums but also to able to hum, scat, or sing your bass lines or your melody lines and then convert to midi and trigger whatever sound options yu have.

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    Today we have the tecnical possibilities to record a melody, and with some fixin&trixin change this tune to a miditrack. It would be cool if there where som kind of new kind a track that with NO workaround, DIRECTLY changed a tune that you record with your voice/guitar/flute to a miditrack that plays the tune/bassline or whatever with your chosed Software Synth. Imagine makin a whole song with only your voice/flute/guitar and no midikeyboard or other midi-instruments. So, give me; Audiotrack, Instrumenttrack & Humtrack.

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      neve73 ( Idea Submitter )

      this is called "audio to midi" look it up and vote it up!

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      Yes, seems like this is similar to my post (# 246) as well, and I agree pitch-to-midi functionality would be fantastic feature. Search for "pitch-to-midi" to see the related post.

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      please make this. it would be the best. its just a great way for people to express themselves.

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    seems like this is similar to my post (# 246), and I agree this would be fantastic feature. My variation suggests that the conversion to midi be done in REAL TIME - there might be products out there that analyze a monophonic (ie - melody lines, not chords) audio track and spit out a midi track, but what's missing is REAL TIME pitch-to-midi translation... search for "pitch-to-midi" to see the related post.

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    Community Member

    i miss this function

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      Community Member

      A production request? Come on guys this is Pro Tools. If you want to produce music go to Logic or Ableton!

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      Agree with this idea and the comments thus far. Completely !

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      that would be great!!!

      but if it helps, Waves Tune can do that... I know that it's not native, but fine.. :)

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      I agree with the above comment. BTW... SVP Rocked!

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      What I would love to see is,

      When you import a audio that just has keyboards.

      It PT would analize the audio and convert the audio

      into midi and play the exact notes that the audio is playing.

      For example, if someone is trying to find what notes

      is playing in a audio, and the audio is a keyboards or some sort of melody.

      People can import the audio into PT and have PT analize it.

      PT would then lay out the notes exactly as its played in the audio.

      So if the audio is playing Chords, thn PT would place

      Chord notes in the midi lane.

      That tome would be an awesome feature of

      "Audio to Midi"

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      Community Member

      This was a feature in studio 13 years ago...come on pro tools.

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    It's one of the last real hurdles for Pro Tools that would make life so much easier. This would be a truly creative feature to allow vocalist to sing string, horn, bass lines...etc. converted to midi as well as of course being able to do drum replacement.

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    YOu want audio to midi to replace notes or even drum part?

    Take a gate that has a control over frequency, tune it to your snare .. for example, now each time that snare will play it will trigger the gate. With setting an audio wave that has an opposite phase that is triggered to play by the gate you will null your sound. And then by using sound replacer you will be able to have that same gate trigger up to 3 different sample library.. So it exists.. and this is just one of many many ways to do it.

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    Community Member

    Transfuser already has this technology. Not sure why it's so difficult to implement in PT.

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    Massey has this pretty nicely covered now with his latest Audiosuite plugin. Incredible for sample replacement.

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    Community Member

    Native Instruments offers a Reaktor plug-in called The Mouth that allows you to control MIDI devices with your sung notes.

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    For me, I've wanted a REAL TIME converter - just remembered that this is available: so thought I'd let you all know that it might be just the ticket for playing soft synths WITHOUT a hex pickup.

    Here's a demo from last year, pretty cool:

    And check out this for chords ( from 0:47)

    Would be cool as an RTAS that works right inside PT, but for now, I'll download a demo of this jam origin product and see how well it works in stand alone mode for PT (since it is VST/AU only when in plug-in mode).

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