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Clip-based (object based) markers

Would be great to introduce clip-based markers like on AVID MC. Markers that stick to a position in a clip not just the absolute time-code ruler so that they move along when clips are moved or cut. Would be great if any clip can carry multiple markers inside them that also survive transfers to other sessions and dragging from the clip-list.

These types would be very helpful for post-production in addition to the regular time-based ones.


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    And if these Clip (Region) Markers were included in the Text export.

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    Sean McClowry

    If you have ever seen a waveform player on websites like Soundcloud, you can write text notes directly on transients, creating a marker right on that track. When the track plays and comes to that spot, a small bubble pops up with that note. This would be so useful so that when you are recording or editing in Pro Tools, you can place a marker directly on specific spots on a particular track.


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    Community Member

    Whenever you move clips around, markers do not line up with them. There should be an option (perhaps in the clips menu bar) that allows markers to follow a clip’s movement. When needed, you select “Markers Follow Clip Movements”. When finished, you deselect it. In addition, a keyboard shortcut for this function would also be helpful. As a result, you won’t have to move each marker one by one to line up with the clips. This would be a huge time saver!!!

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    This would be extremely helpful to me in editing my long-form narration work!

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