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Digital I/O as effects loop

It would be nice if it was possible to use the digital input/output as external effects loop.


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  1. Comment

    Maybe I don't understand your request, but this is doable in i/o settings.

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    Community Member

    It would be really nice if we could use the Digital in and out as an effect send and return. Maybe the effect loop could be switchable from Analog to Digital?

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      Community Member

      don´t understand. the i/o could be used as hardware sends at least since Mix+

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      Community Member

      You can select the digital out and ins, but it doesn't work. I asked on Digi User conference and a guy from Digi answered a nd said it wont work that way yet.

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      Avid Moderator

      What product are you referring to? The SPDIF ports on most devices cam be used for a send/return.

    4. Comment
      Community Member

      It's an Eleven Rack. I'm sorry I thought this section was for 11 rack only.

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      Community Member

      I can send signal from any track to any of the physical out of my 192. That´s what sends are for. If I send it to an analog out it goes there it´s it´s digital it goes there. Don´t understand the issue.

  3. Comment

    ^ no you cant.

    We want to be able to use the 11R, in standalone, sending a signal out through the spdif to a piece of geam, and be able to mix it in with the rig.

    I would love this personally, there is so many possibilities to what you could do!

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    Kevin Brady

    to clarify on this - have an option in the FX Loop to use the Digital I/O instead of the 1/4" send/returns. An example application of this would be to use a Line6 HD 500 as an effects processor - which could be moved around in the 11R signal chain and blended in with the FX Loop mix control.

    One of the main benefits of this approach would be to eliminate another D/A - A/D process (and in the case of using a digital external effect the process would actually be D/A - A/D - D/A - A/D)... which introduces some possible signal degradation and additional latency added. By using the digital I/O you would eliminate the extra conversion processes and any added latency would be due to effect processing only.

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      Exactly. It hadn't even occurred to me to do this until I read Jay Graydon's series on recording guitar (http://www.jaygraydon.com/guitatxt.htm#Recording). But Kevin Brady hit the major reason why this is needed - to reduce latency between the 11R and other digital units.

      I'd also say that it would be nice to have the option to use both the existing analog FX loop with the digital loop (at least S/PDIF) as another loop, with the ability to position them independently in the signal chain.

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    Bernhard Krabina

    I was really amazed that this can't be done! I am using the great TC G-Major II with my 11R and have to go via the analogue ins/outs. I wish this would be doable digitally...

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