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I think this will be less taxing to the CPU if the majority of the graphics runs off the actual GPU. Example. A lot of the plug-ins have meters, or some graphics that moves around. The bigger the session get the more taxing it is on the CPU. This will also be helpful if you have a quicktime or wmv movie in the session. GPUs are now powerful enough to work as a second or third processor. Running video and graphics off the video card would make perfect sense.


This feature would be great to, and will go hand and hand with 64-bit because you can access more resources within the GPU (Like more than 1 or 2GB of RAM). This will also help leverage the work the CPU have to do, giving the operator more processes towards plug-ins and VIs, as well as smoother video playback on a singe system. You can also run a High resolution waveform as in this post Details.


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  • Markeyse Mundy attached: NVidia-Quadro-Family-Fermi---Copy.jpg

    GPU Acceleration will enhance workflow, efficiency, and stability by offloading graphical and video chores to the GPU, giving power back to the CPU for the operator to take advantage of the freed CPU cycles.


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    OpenCL in Snow Leopard would be the perfect way to get this done on the Mac.

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    Markeyse Mundy ( Idea Submitter )

    Yes. Especially since both Mac and PC now runs the graphics off the GPU. The tools are out there it just have to be programmed.

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    Markeyse Mundy ( Idea Submitter )

    Just to revisit this idea, this would be good when Avid decides to add 64-bit to Pro Tools. Running threads just for video to the GPU will release some load off of the CPU, allowing for more automation, midi, and plugins, giving you more room for your CPU on more important task.

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    Im not sure how many people know this, but high end graphics cards (like my 5850) can be 5-7 times faster at encoding and arithmetic than a quad core CPU. It would be like HD7 processing, on an LE system.

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    Markeyse Mundy ( Idea Submitter )

    It is good for parallel processing, which might be good, but I don't want the GPU doing a TDM's job unless there was a card made.(Tesla's are pricey GPGPUs).

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    Markeyse Mundy ( Idea Submitter )

    Data being simultaneously fed to the processor at the same time. Inside the Teslas (or most modern GPUs) have hundreds to thousands of cores in them. The downside that is they handle "simpler" data per core.

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    I think I remember reading that this is exactly what changed in PT 8!

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    Markeyse Mundy ( Idea Submitter )

    I wouldn't call this idiotic being part of the top 30 ideas! Say what you want, but this idea is a nobrainer to me. All OSes completely uses the GPU now, and we can free up some processes from Pro Tools by using it, especially accelerating QuickTime videos from it. What's idiotic about that?

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    I wouldn't call it idiotic, but given that audio processing with plugins, timing, etc. is the most critical feature for that, suggest Avid focus on that and use Apple's Core Video tools to handle video, with GPU or not to avoid another proprietary solution to a problem few have and one that then has to be updated with every OS update.

    If you know for a fact that video processing in PT takes up x% of processing, then worth discussing. Otherwise, this is hard to take seriously.

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      Markeyse Mundy ( Idea Submitter )

      Well not really you can task the OS to tell the GPU to handle video now. You just have to code in like DirectX or OpenGL. Mac OSX and Windows Vista -W8 will run graphics off GPU automatically. Running HD video isn't going to play nice with the system. And also you can open up more stuff (visual wise) with a GPU render. By the looks of PT11, some of this has been implemented already!

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