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Keep the waveform visible when sliding the region...

Click on a region and try to line it up with another & you have to guess where it will end up. Be nice to have the waveform ALWAYS visible so you don't have to guess.


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  1. Comment
    Hans-Olav Molde

    A very handy feature for this is to set the marker where you want the region to go, and then ctrl-click it. Alternatively, ctrl + cmd-click the region to make the end of it snap to where the marker is.

  2. Comment

    Yes! Please! @valosnah: good work around but I would prefer seeing the waveform.

  3. Comment

    Although it's just another work-around, here's a slight variation from valosnah's tip that I use.

    If you're tracking and editing music, hopefully you're moving things around in grid mode to keep things on beat.

    For post-production I create a sync point at the head of the transient. Place the cursor where you want that to snap to, hold down control+shift+click the region to make the sync point snap to where the cursor is.

  4. Comment

    Title says it all. Would be nice if while you were in warp mode, there were grid lines that were a CONTRASTING COLOR. I guess either the grid lines or the warp marker lines would be a color other then black/

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    1. Comment

      If you are in grid mode, you can automatically snap to the next grid line, but I like the idea of a visible, contrasting color.

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    Community Member

    Just look at cubase and nuendo, they have this perfectly done as well as the gain change and being able to move audio while preserving the crossfade AND being able to see what the resulting wave will look like as your moving the region or fade. This would be killer.

  6. Comment

    this would be especially useful when working with regions in shuffle mode and you can never see what you are pulling out.

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    Don Bray

    Often, for example I might copy part of a vocal from one chorus and want to place it in another chorus. It would be great if the background of the part I'm placing in the new chorus was transparent so I could place it over the existing file and easily see where I should be putting it in the timeline. I believe it works that way in DP.

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    1. Comment

      Just use Realtive Grid? Or put it on a dummy track underneath

    2. Comment
      Don Bray

      It would be nice to not have to bother making another track just to line up audio. I think seeing exactly where to place it would be awesome.

    3. Comment

      great idea. I do this with a dummy track right now, but this feature would speed and easen things up. Relative grid is pretty much useless for dialogue and sfx editing (or music that isn't grid based).

    4. Comment

      actually cannot believe that you need to create a blank audio track adjacent to track you want to edit in order to readily view grid. dumb.

  8. Comment
    Avid Moderator

    Not entirely - only when nudging. Dragging a waveform still does not show the waveform during the drag.

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    1. Comment

      Come on, we need this!

  9. Comment

    Yes, please add this feature. For me, it's so much more organic and natural to visually line up audio, rather than nudging everything into place. I personally find pro tools very frustrating without this feature. I realise there are benefits to both options, but surely having both available can only be a good thing.

  10. Comment

    Yeah, it would be great if when you clicked and held a region, it would go translucent so you could drag it over the top of another region and see where it will land.

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      Community Member

      Yes! Sonar has had this for years - when you get used to using it, it feels essential and quite strange not to have it. The two regions become slightly translucent so you can see the two waveforms lining up as you drag one over another.

  11. Comment
    Community Member

    It's amazing that there's a skunkworks project that has made this possible on Windows for *5 YEARS*, yet Digi/Avid still can't make this happen?! This is such a no-brainer I can't believe more people haven't made a deal about this...

    Seriously Avid, get with the program! Who in their right mind would think that you WOULDN'T want to see the waveform when you're dragging it to another location! 99% of the time you would be dragging it to line it up with something so OF COURSE we want to see the waveform!

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    wildbillfarly .

    I just have to say I just switched from pro tools 7 to pro tools 8.......That option was available in pro tools 7....I am actually ridiculously disappointed with this......Why would you get rid of such a convenient feature?......The simplest of audio editors seem to have this feature...please create a patch that will fix this....

  13. Comment
    Danny W

    Reaper does this really well. Please devs download Reaper and see how they do it. The benefits of being able to see the waveform are huge. This should really be a priority

  14. Comment
    K Mac

    yes please.. this would be a common sense update.. not sure why they wouldn't add this

  15. Comment

    Why oh why... as @wildbillfarly mentioned, why take this feature away? Was it by a mistake?

  16. Comment

    What a great 'ease of use' feature this would be. I would use this many times in every edit session.

  17. Comment

    so this idea is ranked 12th and was suggested five years ago? way to care at all about your client base, avid!

  18. Comment
    Community Member

    Another example of Avid tripping all over themselves to roll out "new" versions, when the simplest of no brainer features (like this) are still not implemented. 5 years, nearly 600 votes and... crickets.

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