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I would REALLY love a change in the markers. Please have multiple marker rulers in the edit window. I would also like to be able to set custom colors to certain markers. Also, in the marker list, I would love to be able to re-sort alphabetically and renumber sequentially after re-sorting.

Primarily what this would allow me to do is set ADR markers, foley markers, music markers, dialog markers, etc...


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  1. Comment
    ( Pinned Moderator )

    Please see the complete list of merged Marker improvements, as it contains several other related marker requests.

  2. Comment
    ( Pinned Moderator )

    Merging this Idea with the larger Marker Improvements bucket. Thank you for this input!

  3. Comment

    the space between the markers tints to a color so if you have multiple markers point the color on top shades all the tracks below

  4. Comment

    This is already in the Display Prefs

  5. Comment

    Perhaps there could be a way to have more than one layer of markers with show/hide functionality. Maybe the Memory Locations window could have tabs for the different layers. An example of usage in Post would be assigning one colour/layer for scene markers, another for change notes, ect.

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    1. Comment
      Daði Georgsson

      Marker ruler "playlists" if you will.

    2. Comment

      I'd like to see markers on the tracks as little flags.

  6. Comment

    That way, when you are editing voice overs for example, you could create a group that includes your audio tracks as well as the markers. Then when you are in slip mode, the markers would follow the audio.

  7. Comment

    Multiple user-definable, color code-able, memory location (marker) lists. Would be very handy for doing post to picture. E.g. one list for gunshots, another list for sword hits, etc.

  8. Comment

    I like that idea. How many times have you made a comment on an alternate playlist and then forgot which playlist the comment was about? If you could comment on each track and the comment followed the playlist too, that would be great.

  9. Comment

    A Memory list for each track (like the Sonic Solutions DAW had) would be nice.

  10. Comment
    Will Files

    having a way to filter these would be great too. i think the whole memory location concept needs a re-boot in PT.

  11. Comment

    This would allow users to see where a clip happened in the timeline. We can already see where the clip happened meter-wise (plug-in, send or output), but for long format productions, knowing when the clip happened is a pain to go back and locate. Having an option to 'Auto Enable Clip Markers' would be a big time saver here.

    A red marker in the Markers Ruler any time a clip happens would be sufficient. Yes, there would have to be some thresholds set (either pre-set by digi or user definable).

    Filtering to identify only plug-in, send or track i/o clips could be useful too.

  12. Comment

    I use the markers for where I am in a song i.e vers, bridge. I'd love to have an extra set to mark playing errors or other things.

  13. Comment

    It would be nice to be able to renumber markers. Also a toggle to be able to have certain numbers off limits for certain custom commands that you use every session.

  14. Comment

    This is ane excellent idea. I have always felt that this could be alot better.

  15. Comment

    The request for several marker rulers already exist once or twice in this forum. So it's obviously wanted...

    When you say custom colors, do mean other than those that we can already choose from the color palette?

  16. Comment
    ryan ( Idea Submitter )

    The color pallette has plenty of options, more than I could use. I would just like to assign certain markers with a certain color.

    Another reason for this request: When doing background sound effects/ambience I would like to alphabetize the list. This way, I could create my BGs and copy and paste on all of the other BG locations with the same name (environment).

  17. Comment

    The color thing you're asking is already there if I understand you right? Click on the marker and the color palette shows you what color you have, and then you can change it. Is that your issue?

  18. Comment
    ryan ( Idea Submitter )

    You're absolutely right. Admittedly, I didn't know that I could change those colors in the ruler! Thank you! However, I'm more talking about the Memory Location window, I would like to show/sort by those colors in that window.

  19. Comment
    Sonny Williamson

    Now that playlists have had an upgrade, it's definitely time for markers to advance to their full potential. Done right, they could be a killer feature and workflow enhancer. The possibilities are deep and many.

  20. Comment

    I'd love to have markers which are able to direct the playhead to other timecodes in the session. Then you could for instance watch a feature in one go instead of having to manually point the playhead to the next reel. I can imagine this would be great in music production aswell.

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    1. Comment

      When the play (rec) head reach a jumping marker, it can be paused for some seconds and then jumps to the brother marker and continue playing (or recording).

      This would permit a continuous projection of movies made by many reels, and his recording without human intervention. Same for different songs on the same session.

  21. Comment

    and be able to expand the name column so that you can read markers with long file names... maybe this should be filed as a bug.

    Comments on this comment

    1. Comment

      Yes. Sadly most all the names in files, clips & markers doesn't let you see the whole text string - very sloppy.

  22. Comment

    I would like to see streamers and flutters in the marker list. Perhaps they could be an option included in the Video Satellite LE. I can already create streamers using third-party software, but I have to trigger them through a midi track, and it's not as elegant a solution as the method built into Digital Performer.

  23. Comment

    Like the export session info as tekst, it would be so nice to have the ability to export the markers as tekst...

  24. Comment

    make severel marker tracks, that can be edited like normal track. Ideal for film post production.

  25. Comment

    You should be able to include long, stylable text to markers, that is displayed in a separate window, just like in Logic. I's great for lyrics or voice-overs.

  26. Comment

    region based markers that stay with regions...where they often matter most.

  27. Comment

    It is fine that we can see "normal" markers on the ruler, but it would be good, if we can display selection markers too. Maybe an icon next to the little anchor can show that it is a selection marker.

  28. Comment

    The ability to lock markers would prevent accidentally moving them without realizing it.

    Comments on this comment

    1. Comment

      I like to create markers as boundary or outline points of my sessions, always marking 2-pops, start frames and end frames at the very least. Not being able to lock markers and accidentally moving them at times can be annoying and it seems moronic that ProTools hasn't thought of this a long time ago. Other much cheaper DAWs have had this feature for many years.

    2. Comment

      A common sense thing ProTools should have done years ago. It's really stupid they haven't.

  29. Comment

    Another great marker improvement would be, jump between markers when in playback. This would be great when working with post. Imagine when your reel 1 is finished and the playhead passes the end marker it jumps directly to reel 2 start marker. Could be so great.

  30. Comment

    I would like them to be searchable too.

    Comments on this comment

    1. Comment

      Absolutely. The markers need to be searchable.

  31. Comment

    Repeat the name of the current marker on the marker lane every time the arrange window srolls and/or highlight the current marker in the memory window.

  32. Comment

    If we could put the marker track inside of a group, it would be possible to make timeline edits where the markers follow the edit. Now we have to manually add the marker track in the selection. If the marker track would behave like a normal track it will make this workflow a lot easier.

  33. Comment

    It would be great if we could import and export markers as xml or xls format. With this feature we could link the markers to databases or moviescripts etcetera. This would be very helpful to keep track of dubbing lines to be done.

  34. Comment

    Either I don't know how to do this, or you can't. I work in post production and set a lot of markers where scenes are, where ADR is required, where sweetening is required, etc. If I conform a session to a new cut the markers stay where they were, making them completely useless. I would like if when you're cutting a project that the markers stay with the audio that's being moved. Or at least the option to do that.

    Comments on this comment

    1. Comment

      Very often it's more important for markers to belong to regions, because that's where the audio or midi you want to mark, replace or fix is. I would like to see region-based markers that stay with a region wherever you move it.

      Comments on this comment

      1. Comment

        I want to link markers to my regions. When i move my region, the marker follow!

      2. Comment

        Create a way that marker locations will link to a specific audio track. This would move the markers when audio in added or removed from the linked track

      3. Comment

        Group region and markers. Instead of moving the marker after moving a region or selecting a blank space, holding shift on the marker ruler and deleting using shuffle mode, would be super nice to move a region and make the marker follow those guys... maybe creating a "pop-up" window when group regions and have the options to check/uncheck?

        Comments on this comment

        1. Comment

          Maybe make it so you could attach markers to a particular region on a particular track...

      4. Comment

        This is extremely important. I don't know why this wasn't designed this way to begin with. It's very awkward and not intuitive to have to highlight those markers. It should be obvious; artists think in terms of regions. their properties should move or copy with them.

      5. Comment

        I do voiceovers, audiobooks and film sound mixing and linking markers to regions would be a huge help to me! Right now, my markers (chapter titles, edit reminders, sound fx notes, etc.) shift in relation to the audio every time I delete a silence or a botched phrase. C'mon Avid, let's make this happen!

    2. Comment

      The title says it all. This way, we wouldn't have to click in the markers window every time we do an all group edit.

      Comments on this comment

      1. Comment

        This is done by double clicking your edits.

      2. Comment

        If you're asking for what I think you are, it's a good idea. I think it should be available in Shuffle mode, so that when an edit's made, the markers follow the chop on the timeline.

        Example: I make a chop to lose 1 second on the timeline, all my markers move by 1 second, at and after the edit range.

      3. Comment

        Exactly, without having to shift-click in the markers track (I often forget to do that)

    3. Comment

      When I conform a project to a re-edit, I always tick ALL in the groups. Would it be an idea to have the marker-track as an optional add-on to this group, so it would shuffle around with our edits?

  35. Comment

    One of the most desired thing for me and my colleagues is the need for marker tracks. For example one track for adr notes, one track for director's notes, one track for scene marks, etc.

  36. Comment

    Are you referring to a track that has audio on it? Or just a sort of information lane? There IS the COMMENTS pane on every track, but I'm guessing you mean different.

  37. Comment

    No no, just markers no audio. I mean below the timeline ruler we have the marker, tempo, meter, key etc. At the exact same place but not just one marker ruler, instead we can add as many as we want.

  38. Comment
    Heinz der Heizer

    I use regions groups on inactive audio tracks for this purpose. One track for ADR, one for director's notes, etc. I select the TC range, create an empty region group and then double-click it to type the notes as the name of the regoin group.

  39. Comment

    I enter a few important marker locations at first and then go back later and add more. So when I sort them by time, I get a list of out of sequence location numbers.

    It would be nice to have a "Renumber Memory Locations" command so that they are in sequence. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5.....)

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    1. Comment

      This is easily done. (Save your session first in case something goes wrong).

      If your session doesn't have one already, create a blank MIDI track.

      From the File menu select Export MIDI.." Save the file.

      Now, delete your markers by selecting them in the time line or option clicking them in the emory locations window.

      From the File menu select Import MIDI. In the pop-up window under "Destination" select region list (to prevent importing any duplicate MIDI information into your session).

      You now should see your markers back in the timeline and in correct numerical order.

      Please note that this will not renumber Memory locations that have their Time Properties set to "None" - ie. those used solely for Track show/Hide, track widths, etc. Do not erase these markers if you still need them.

  40. Comment

    Didn't see this under other ideas unless it falls under the general "Improve Markers." I recently had to print out a list of locations for an editor to go and grab nat sounds from a Final Cut system. The only way I could think of to print the list was to use "Grab" in the Utilities and make a screen capture of the marker list. It would be much more convenient to either print them or export them to a tab-delineated file.

    Comments on this comment

    1. Comment

      This would be great. even better if part of a revamped text export of the session which would include this idea & 'Flags' for muted regions as well as things like color of a Track, region....

  41. Comment

    Would be so useful in large sessions where markers are so crucial.

    Comments on this comment

    1. Comment

      & why not have markers on tracks instead of limited to the band on top?

  42. Comment

    Possibility of several rows of markers. Of course, with the ability to hide / show various rows etc...

    Has the need to comment on more things, get too tight with only one line.

  43. Comment

    So many want a re-working of the Markers! My fav is still to allow Markers on the Tracks & allow these to be exported in text with the regions.

  44. Comment

    There should be no character limits on Markers & Comments. The limits are probably there because the programmers saw no reason to have more with there own workflows, but leaving the option open for endless or very long strings would be useful for many users, and obviously wouldn't put much additional burden on the computer.

  45. Comment

    Each playlist should have its own lane for markers. The lane would only appear when the user wants to use it, so that unmarkered playlists don't take up additional space. This would be extremely useful for noting mistakes or edit-point problems to be dealt with later, and for otherwise annotating takes as the engineer sees fit.

    Comments on this comment

    1. Comment
      Community Member

      I don't see how this would work, every track would have to have it's own Marker track.

  46. Comment

    The marker window should not be constrained to such a narrow width. I would want to be able to extend it so that I can read the full title of each marker.

    Comments on this comment

    1. Comment
      Chris Canning

      I completely agree. The only way around this is to copy the marker name into the marker comments field which has more characters allowed but this is a lousy work around.

    2. Comment

      Didi has long left the width of text at odd sizes. Even when renaming regions a very tiny ox is presented in the larger dialog.

  47. Comment

    There should be 3-5 colors of markers you can choose from. You could show or hide markers depending on color. For example, yellow could be used for parts of the song (verse, chorus) and blue could be used for descriptions (nice buildup, add strings here, etc.).

  48. Comment

    @Heinz der Heizer

    Brilliant! So simple, realy effective. Thanks!

  49. Comment

    I also wanted to be able to embed markers in a file so they move with the file (you could do this a long time ago in Sound Designer days...

  50. Comment

    We need playlistable markers! Why not have a master playlist option for all tracks with a new marker playlist for each master playlist? The current limitations with markers makes it difficult to swap between playlists and know where the hell you are.

  51. Comment
    Community Member

    Please !!!! Please !!!! YES.

    There is nothing more frustrating when you get a session that has been labeled with markers that are not in numerical order. And you have to manually redo every marker.

  52. Comment

    The same idea as the Arranger Track in Cubase.

    This track would be used to highlight where intro, verse, chorus etc would be located in your session by having coloured and labeled regions. This would be much easier than trying to find markers.

    Also, these regions should be able to be included in region groups so relocation of sections of songs can be easily defined and moved.

    Comments on this comment

    1. Comment
      Eric Hirsch

      I think a better way to implement this functionality would be through expanding the ways markers can be used. For instance, one of the things that has been suggested is to have multiple tracks of markers. You could then have one track of markers that you use in this way. I don't necessarily disagree with the usefulness, I just believe that having a separate dedicated Arranger track is not the best way to do it.

    2. Comment

      even better than cubase is acid pro arrange. you only need to group tracks and then you can name the region/section.

      After that any section can be dragged and dropped to different timeline. the behaviour of the section when it is dropped can de defined i.e whether it slides forward any existing section, whether there is a crossfade, snap to grid/beat- it fells very intuitive.

    3. Comment

      haven't tried this, but you should be able -as far as I can see- to work around by using an audio track: create empty regions to define your sections; edit-group all tracks and edit

    4. Comment

      For me the most important thing is to have fast and intuitive moving of the sections, groups, clips - whatever you want to call them.

      you want to be able to label them, them rearrange them by dragging and dropping.then sit back and listen to as much of the new arrangement as you want.

      i don't want to manually have to click on markers - or access them via keypad.

      I could see how a marker playlist might be useful where the various different markers can be rearranged by dragging into position.

      the most important thing for me is not to have to perform more than one command to re-arrange sections - any more I believe can really stifle flow :)

  53. Comment
    Eric Hirsch

    As it stands now, the name column in the Memory Locations window cannot be resized, which is a problem when you want to create a memory location with a name longer than 23 characters.

    23 characters is not en

    Comments on this comment

    1. Comment

      While they're at it, the Region name, or Re-nmae dialog box isn't large enough either.

    2. Comment

      Love that last cut off sentence!

  54. Comment
    Mark Haliday

    I often record sessions with several musicians, and I find the present system unsafe. I prefer to avoid creating markers while recording as a simple mistake can stop the ongoing recording

    I am old enough to remember the excellent locators of large multitracks tape machines. You could define locators easily and even dial the number with the transport running without any risks

    The fact that just renaming a marker during play actually displaces the marker is to me one of the stupidest legacies of the old pro tools working.

    To me the marker system is just not up to the professionnal status of the rest of the software

  55. Comment

    For the love of God, yes! MARKER LAYERS! I need separate markers for SONG SECTIONS (chorus, verse, etc) compared to notes ("fix the bass here"). I've been asking for this feature for YEARS. Logic does it already.

  56. Comment

    Definitively needed improvement ! Markers philosophy in ptools is really weak and slows down workflow in many ways..First wishes would be to allow markers to follow structure changes and improve markers editing (like rename on the fly/renumber).Also import & export fonctions, more different types of markers (clipping markers or not location specific like misc user info markers..),comprehensive search & hide/show features..

  57. Comment

    Would be nice if you could select a group of markers and move them with the nudge keys i.e. moving the marker group selection according to nudge values or mouse.

  58. Comment

    Also, using markers to recall track views doesn't make sense. This functionality should migrate to Window Configurations.

  59. Comment

    Well I´ve been down this lane a couple of times now...

    I´ll keep it short this time: I agree. You´re Avid now for christ sakes. Don´t you people meet at lunch or something and talk to each other????

  60. Comment

    Import & Export of markers including to standard data formats eg tab seperated or CSV

  61. Comment

    Put a NEXT / PREVIOUS button on the Memory location window.

    Comments on this comment

    1. Comment

      I would agree if you added "and make a pair of keyboard shortcuts for it."

    2. Comment
      Community Member

      Would definitely like key commands for this.

  62. Comment

    When conforming a project to a new version it's frustrating to not have the markers you've established for key points not be conformed

    Comments on this comment

    1. Comment

      hold shift and click on the marker ruler to use on shuffle mode.

    2. Comment

      on conforming via copy/paste it only seems to partially work. In shuffle mode, unless you are deleting a region with a marker in it, the markers stay put. Also, you can't insert space on marker tracks at all. It just seems like a simple add to link these to your audio tracks during shuffle/conforming. Unless I'm still missing something, please let me know!

    3. Comment
      Community Member

      Not sure if this is what you mean but when you select the memory locations track the markers will be conformed via copy/paste. I do it all the time with conformalizer.

    4. Comment

      Very much needed fix within overall re-vamp of the markers section. All it takes is one slight conform to throw off hundreds of markers, especially on multi-reel shows in which all reels change (multiple times). It's actually the only thing I don't look forward to when making a conform.

  63. Comment

    In Postproduction having some alternate Tempo and Markers will be very useful.

    If someone like that ....


  64. Comment

    Please add a date and time creation stamp for markers and the feature to order by date+time or filter so you see only the markers created after a date+time or in the last 48 hours or whatever you want,

  65. Comment

    add date+time of marker creation, please, and a way to filter the marker view based on "freshness" of markers (i.e. last 48 hours markers, or last 40 markers)

  66. Comment

    Text wrap in markers, be able to print markers, be able to define marker types!!! I am a supervisor and to be able to have BG's or FX or Foley or ADR and Music markers and be able to print or sort them, export them all would be a huge huge help!

  67. Comment

    We have been trying to work around the "archaic" marker system in ProTools for years now. Marker tracks that we could label (Post - BGs, FX, Dialogue, etc. / Music - Guitar, Drums, Vocals, etc.) would be insanely helpful to all manner of productions. Import/Export/Print Markers is an extreme must. A quick key to show/hide your markers, the same way you need for Regions List, Tracks List, & Universe would also be ideal.

  68. Comment
    echo magic

    So badly needed for post production and all sorts of audio production work.

  69. Comment

    also, re-sorting/renumbering chronologically and by drag-and-drop in the memory locations window. re-sorting would be also very useful for other (non-marker) memory locations. e.g. configuring different track view/hide combinations: it would be useful to be able drag the ones you use most in a certain production stage to the top of the list, so they show up first on the console and less scrolling thru the 'banks' is required.

  70. Comment

    Well here is something I have been talking to the Asia head of Digidesign for some years now ... I have been into Film post for years now and I thought that with all the remarkable changes over the years Digi would oblige us with something as simple as being able to create specific markers with a colour of our choice and a provision to export the marker information with Timestamps.

    I think this helps us colour code our markers to distinguish between Dialogue edit notes, ADR notes, Effects notes, Foley notes, Atmos notes, Director Notes, Music notes for the composers, Mix notes.

    The outputting of these markers with the timecode stamp is a ready reckoner for everyone working on post if they need just specific information ....

    Hopes its not going to be years in the waiting.

  71. Comment

    I did not real all the posts above, but many times markers do not stay put while editing. The markers must be able to track the original insertion point through editing precedured by option.

  72. Comment

    When capturing a selection, display the selection in the Markers ruler with a 3rd icon type and a greyed out selection length.

  73. Comment

    I work in theatre and want to use PTs there. Please make a kind of STOP marker (The best) or Play to next memory location command.

  74. Comment

    I work in theatre and want to use PTs there. Please make a kind of STOP marker (The best) or Play to next memory location command.

  75. Comment
    ryan ( Idea Submitter )

    j.zazvurek... You can possibly do this.

    Make a marker with a selection. Do NOT have Pro Tools in loop playback. If you want your timeline to drop you off at the end of your selection, and at the beginning of the next selection, hit "N" ("Timeline insertion follows playback"). You can then click your markers in the list and jump from cue to cue.

    Comments on this comment

    1. Comment

      Hello Ryan. Thank you for comment, but this is not exactly what I need. In theatre situations, I just need to simply hit spacebar for play and play music until next stop. Your idea contains too many steps to use it as I want.

      As I said, kind of stop maker is the best or play until next marker command.

  76. Comment

    Would like to be able to import CMX EDL video events as markers and thus see where picture cuts are.

  77. Comment

    Please,Oh Please unlimited amount of markers.

    I use them for marking picture location cuts and also for sync of editing timing,and run out before completing the project.

    Also a color coding system for identifying markers as to which type or use the marker is implemented for.

    and a search function similar to clips audio region bins.

    Comments on this comment

    1. Comment
      Community Member

      yes!! markers should be improved for sure.... maybe 2, 3, 4, etc columns of markers would work fiiiiine as well.

    2. Comment
      Community Member

      Option to:

      Export Markers as Text

      If you use markers to "spot" a project it sure would be nice to be able to export them into a text doc so you can email the team (producer).

    3. Comment

      My favorite part of that suggestion is color coding and the ability to search within markers. I've also thought that distinct "marker tracks" would be very useful so, for example, one track is for effects notes and another is for dialog and can then be sent to different editors without each editor having to sort through the other editors' notes.

  78. Comment
    Community Member

    Option to:

    Export Markers as Text

    If you use markers to "spot" a project it sure would be nice to be able to export them into a text doc so you can email the team (producer).

  79. Comment

    please add this feature already, I have been asking this for years.

  80. Comment
    Jan Zázvůrek

    I work in theatre and I really need some kind of "STOP" marker! Thanks.

    Comments on this comment

    1. Comment

      Have you ever tried to use "selection" in marker type ?

      It will do what you want as long as you are not in loop-playback mode ...

  81. Comment
    Markeyse Mundy

    This Idea I can't wait for Avid to add to Pro Tools. I find myself needing it more and more everyday.

  82. Comment

    for post it would be great to have the option to show markers in the Video (command 9) window. Like a subtitle. Also 999 markers as limits is not enough for a movie of 90min length.

  83. Comment

    Or be able to convert all of them to absolute/bars at the same time.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, is there a way to do that in PT10?

  84. Comment

    Alphabetized markers have been on my dream list for over a decade! I'd love to change the color of certain markers as well that would be helpful for our workflow that has hundreds of markers.

  85. Comment

    I'd love to see all your wishes to become reality, and more I would love to be able to export or bounce a mix according to selections markers. Imagine a live show record, twenty songs, and I want to keep twelve of them.

    This feature exist in Nuendo and is very time saving when I want to export rough mixes for musicians for example. I make selection markers of all the tunes I want to export and I export all this songs in one time, no need to wait for each export.

  86. Comment

    In camtasia, one can set a marker to live in the timeline or add a marker to a specific location inside of the media (clip) This would be fantastic.

  87. Comment
    Community Member

    Apologies if this has been suggested already, but the ability to have multiple "Bar 1 Beat 1" locations and timecode ranges other than one for the whole timeline would be an absolute game-changer for people running live playback.

    I imagine that this would be extremely useful for those doing music to picture also?

    Obviously, implementation would need to be elegant to make it easy to get right and hard to tie yourself in knots. - Perhaps easier said than done?

  88. Comment

    multiple hot keys for markers too...

    for example, maybe be able to put keyboard into "marker mode" and listen to track pressing "s" to mark sibilance, "p" plosives, "r" redo, "x" edit, "e" executive producer, "d" director... etc...

    And be able to all of this remotely... phone or pad app for each person in the room... but all logged to original session.

  89. Comment

    Nested markers...


    so a session could have 12 songs as markers

    inside each song have markers for verse, chorus, bridge, etc.

    inside each song have markers for plosives, sibilance, etc

    inside each song have markers for full bounce, radio, clip, etc


    able to select all the full mixes from session and get that

    or select all plosives and be able to get those across all songs

    instantiate a powerful access rights system as well,

    so could send noise edits off to be done by someone, and they would only have access to 10 seconds (or whatever user adjusted number) of a clip, so that they could clear the noise... but they wouldnt have access to entire track for security reasons.

  90. Comment

    I'd love to see a shortcut to go to next marker.

    I know you can use "period-marker no-period" but a simple shortcut would be faster.

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    1. Comment

      If you click in the marker bar, the Tab key will do this. Option Tab goes backwards. Still, a key-cut would be much nicer.

    2. Comment

      I would like the Tab key with a modifier key. Consistency...

  91. Comment

    As has been requested elsewhere - it would also be extremely helpful to be able to link memory locations/markers to the clip or track itself. This would particularly increase the efficiency of post-production with long form-narration such as audiobooks.

  92. Comment
    Community Member

    just reached that limit again. Now having to delete a bunch of these feels like deleting a lot of work.

    Also it would bee cool to offer different sets of markers. So that I can set markers for scenes, sync points e.t.c

    Being able to create different colored markers on different layers would be great. Effect, ADR, Dialog Working with audio regions works too but they are not displayed through the whole session.

    Markers are like a beat grid for post editors. I have the feeling the markers thing could be improved a lot and maybe let's get rid of the 999 limit first

  93. Comment

    There's so many comments that I don't know if somebody already said that but it will be great if we can nudge markers like clips, with the "+" and "-" keystrokes.

    Sometimes this is a pain in the ass. I realize that you can move markers "forward" if you copy & paste them but sometimes this cause more troubles than solutions.

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    1. Comment

      Still a pain I know, but you can snap an existing marker to a new timeline cursor location by control clicking the marker then hitting return. It will snap to the cursor which you may have previously nudged into position by the "+" or "-" keys.

  94. Comment

    There are many, many viable ideas here which all add up to the thought that markers could use a thorough re-think. I've always found it curious that they seem to be basically incompatible with so many basic functions of Protools, such as dragging a group of them, shuffle editing, playlist versioning.

    I think a good start would be to make the Markers bar function more like a track, with a Name tab and attached dropdown menu for New, Duplicate, Delete functions. The active Marker bar could be linkable to playlists so edits would show correct Marker locations.

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