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Movietrack delete incomplete

When I have imported a movie and delete the track because I do not need it anymore, the Task manager always opens, when I restart the session and searches for the moviefile. There is no apparent way to overcome this. Please fix.


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    Avid Moderator

    Is the movie showing in the Regions bin? If so - delete it from the regions bin, then save the session.

    Let us know if this works for you.

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    Community Member ( Idea Submitter )

    NO ANSWER!? Do you mean Region list when you say region bin. I want to learn. What is the Region bin.

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    Community Member ( Idea Submitter )

    Man, I could have solved this problem two weeks ago if you would not be so arrogant to shortly explain the term region bin. This is really annoying.

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    Avid Moderator

    Regions list and Regions bin - same thing. Industry standards call it a 'bin', which is why I used the term.

    As for being arrogant - we had a problem with comments and the approval process, which someone brought to my attention today. It's been fixed - I hadn't seen your comments prior to today.

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      That's an interesting claim, as AVID certified Pro Tools Trainers ARE TAUGHT and TOLD TO CALL IT as "Region/Clip LIST", and "Industry standards call it a 'bin'" does not compute in my unworthy brain.

      I thought I work in the industry and I am an ACI...

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    Community Member ( Idea Submitter )

    I checked the problem again. When I import a film, it won´t appear in the region bin. As I deleted this film by deleting the movie track it seems to also have erased the formerly searched movie. When I open the session again, no movie was missed. Maybe there went something wrong with the saving of the session.

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    Community Member

    have the same problem with a session,

    protools asks for a video-file but it doesnt

    show up in the region bin.

    Deleting the video track (with the Video

    i use)doesnt help in my case.

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    ( Moderator )

    Unable to repro in Pro Tools 11.3. If you don't see the movie file at the bottom of the list, make sure you enable Show > Video in the CLIPS (or REGION) menu.

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    Same issue in 10.3.9

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