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Multiple sessions at the same time

the ability to open 2 sessions at the same time with only one session being active - the other one inactive (active/inactive switch). You then could compare two sessions and copy/paste instantly regions/region groups etc. without having to import/export whole tracks.


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  1. Comment

    Lots of other DAWs do this. Its probably a major re-write but would be a useful feature.

  2. Comment
    Markeyse Mundy

    I usually just go between opening the file. This could be one of the features that if it is there I might use it.

  3. Comment
    Danny Caccavo

    Even just the ability to open the edit window of another session in order to copy/paste out of it into your current one would be very helpful.

  4. Comment

    This would be the Best fix of all the suggestions I've seen on this list.

  5. Comment

    Almost exactly like tabbed browsers like Firefox, Safari, or IE, we should have the ability to open new sessions in a TAB. Would be an awesome convenience to switch quickly from other sessions.

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    1. Comment

      this is a really great idea, i wish it was more realistic to achieve, since sessions are loaded into ram. maybe when we have an os that lets us use RAM,this will be realistic to code.

  6. Comment
    Dave Marsden

    The clipboard gets erased when closing a session. I wish it didn't so I could paste data from one session to another.

    It would function as a quick and dirty "import session data" type thing.

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    1. Comment

      I think both your ideas fall under the "opening two sessions at once" idea. If you could have more than one session open as once you could copy/paste etc. Pyramix i believe does it.


    2. Comment
      Dave Marsden


      If you use a 3rd party VI host like VE Pro or Bidule having two Sessions open would cause mayhem!! Then there's the issue of what happens with VIs that load a lot of samples from disc and swapping between sessions. This is a nightmare in Logic for example. Logic does keep it's clipboard contents when closing a song though.

      I'm not against the idea of having two sessions open but I'd like my option too!

    3. Comment

      Yes .. loading the audio engine for both sessions would be tough. If you could only open the session in a preview mode and be able to scroll through and view it. Copy/paste/drag to your 'live' session. Almost like a import session data but being able to 'see' the session your importing from ..

    4. Comment

      Multiple Sessions opened at a time would solve this too. But Even the NED Post Pro from 25 years ago would do this.

      It would be a nice shortcut until multiple seesions could operate.

    5. Comment

      I like richiespoons idea, as I could see the trouble of a true tabbed multi-ptoject function in PT the way PT handles tracks and I/O right now..

  7. Comment

    I'm sure this would be hard for avid to implement. But could it resemble the "preview" function on a mac. ie. you would be able to start another session. scroll through it. copy/paste/drag to the "live" session etc. but the audio engine for that session would not be activated, you wouldn't be play anything.

  8. Comment

    Sonic Solutions could do it, 20 years ago.

    Even if I could only have one session that I could listen to, it would be a tremendous leap in productivity.

  9. Comment

    This is a logical work flow improvement. It has long been available on Cubase and Nuendo. It has further been refined in Reaper with "tabs" indicating the other sessions already open and easily switched to via the tab. This is basic word processing and spreadsheet stuff. Its just the way people think.

    The way to balance reels in film post with current PT setup is quite lame. All users will benefit from this addition.

  10. Comment

    Would be great. All the way with TABS would be great. Can imagine it being a challenge, memory usage-wise, but would come in super handy.

  11. Comment
    Community Member

    Actually we need full sequence handling not just 2 session open. At the moment the project is the sequence. More or less like an open reel tape. VERY stone age.

  12. Comment
    Community Member

    Pyramix can do this, it's very useful. You can also choose to deactivate the automation on the hidden session which makes flipping back n forth instantaneous. Great for grabbing fx.

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    I could see this work really well in the post-production world, where the voice over engineer could send the score mixer the session to make sure that the sessions are synced in time together.

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