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Native version of Heat (currently DSP Card only)

We hear processing is the reason it is HD only. Well make it to where the plug can be bypassed in the mixer on slower systems. How can we have true cross platform/ native to HD compatibility if some versions of PT9 can't use heat.Not to mention CPU power double every year. So not enough native power is no longer an excuse. Do it pretty please.

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  1. Comment

    Include Heat as a standard addon for PT 9 HD.

    It will serve as an added incentive to upgrade from PT9.

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      Vote down, Heat is a choice of color, can't be standard with respect of the Guru Dave Hill.

      I use Heat, Phoenix and VCC for different reason and I've bought them that's another reason.

    2. Comment

      I dont understand what you are trying to convey :S

    3. Comment

      Why are you worried about Intel CPU. Hd Native is to beat that concern. Why would a buy a card a price of another 6 core computer and tell me it can't handle Heat. So then that means no need for DSP and HD Native with all that Ram should be able to Handle it. Of course if they make Pro Tools 64 bit, then Avid would have to shut Hardware manufacturing. No TDM or even HD Native, but of course that's all against Logic.

    4. Comment

      You... really do need these chips to be faster than what you could put in an LE system.... To be charging 5 grand, each card has to have at least the equivilant of a high end quad! How does this not make sense?

    5. Comment
      Markeyse Mundy

      That is what I said, about the price, but you also got to look at how many people is buying an Intel CPU than a Avid TDM card. It has to equal money. There is probably 1000 Intel chips to 1 TDM card. I don't think a single card have to be faster, since most people will put more than one card in. Just think like GPUs. Intel is the best chipmaker in the world, and Avid is working with them, but who knows. The Knights Ferry by Intel looks good.

      The chips though just needs to "complement" the CPU. Create no bottleneck. Be good at Pro Tools task, and virtually no latency and we are good.

    6. Comment

      It will never be the same cost of an intel chip, cause then EVERYBODY would have protools HD!

      This is the very root cause of the bad music industry, is because digital recording is so easy nowadays, that literally anybody with an mbox can throw together a peice of crap demo. TDM cards for 300 dollars would almost certainly depreciate the market altogether. Now we don't want that happening, do we?

    7. Comment
      Markeyse Mundy

      No I'm not saying the same price. I'm saying the profit per unit will have to make sense. If you ask me, Intel already make every rig an HD rig. Why do you think current TDM is obsolete? And the upcomming Sandy Bridge platform and Knight's Corner platforms isn't going to make things better, but don't forget Avid is working behind the doors with Intel, so there will be something good coming soon I feel.

      Digital recording does make it very accessible to the masses, but the thing is, what will you do with it? Who knows how to make things sound good, or great and who doesn't? Every kid won't have the skills, experience, or knowledge to do things.

      Also remember that a lot of Professionals are using the Mboxes, 003s (like me), and the likes. Don't call them crap. Those are my tools for work. Besides, those tools open doors for people like me and you nick. I don't have the money (yet) for a full blown out HD system. If I did, I'd have it now (Ask the people in DUC, I already have plans), as well is that it is a good business model to have a mainstream product to still sell to make profits while still having your flagship products. You can have a million dollar studio, but what is the point if you don't know how to work it? A seasoned engineer can use a $1000 setup and make it sounds amazing. It is the experience.

    8. Comment

      No, but people think they can, because they use the same tools as a professional with a 003. Re-read me sentence, i never said the hardware was crap, i said that anyone WITH one can make a piece of crap demo that gets them by.

      I know its the experience that makes the overall product sound good, but lets not go there right now, as the topic at hand is head, and Protools HD TDM cards.

      The thing is, TDM is not obsolete, because Avid will not let it go obsolete. They continue to sell great plugs like Reverb-One, and its great things like that(and of course voice count) that keep TDM cards in the game. Yes, the chips are a decade old, yes, they absolutely need to be upgraded, but they wont be until people start having a problem with them (wwhich is starting to happen BTW, Waves made a Native only bundle, because TDM couldn't handle it).

      What i'm getting at is that the hardware is obsolete, but the uses of it are not.

    9. Comment

      Heat** not head O.O

    10. Comment

      I disagree, the chips need to be faster than Intel chips to call it a superior system. How does it make sense to make your top of the line system use chips that are less powerful than what an LE system can harness? I am an LE user myself, and to me it makes sense to keep HD up top.

    11. Comment
      Markeyse Mundy

      The only way you will make faster chips than Intel is if Intel makes them. You really don't need these chips to be faster. GPU's may be faster than CPUs in certain things, but not all specs. Heck, if the next gen DSPs is as fast as the Core 2 Quad, that will be plenty of fast. And have about 1-2 GB of RAM to hold it all. Plugs with modern CPUs doesn't take a whole lot of processes, but they do need to be at least 5x faster than Avid's current TDM cards.

    12. Comment
      Markeyse Mundy

      Hey, don't knock the 003. The Black Eyed Peas made money by recording their whole album on one.

      TDM cards are very old. They were old the first year they came out (have to blame the fast tech market for that). Modern processors are more than capable of handling any TDM task. I'm not, however is saying get rid of TDM, or just make a new RTAS 3 engine to take advantage. Like I said, I'll still by a card once they udate it. Co-Processors will relieve the main CPU for other task.

    13. Comment

      ok seriously, i never ever knocked ANY of the hardware. Im sorry but your getting on my nerves. Learn to read please. Not once did I ever knock any of the Avid/Digi hardware.

      The new CPU's may be able to handle the processing power, but because you still need the DSP cards do do TDM tasks, they are not obsolete.

    14. Comment
      Markeyse Mundy

      It's there for sales of TDM. Native on a roaring Intel rig will eat HEAT for a snack. Really need a new, more powerful TDM system. Not as fast as the Intel chips, but it needs to be fast and hold a lot of plugs on board.

    15. Comment

      I do not see why its tdm only. Those chips are about as powerful as an intel 386. With todays processors, i can garentee you t can run on a native system. Its exclusivity thats the thing thats keeping it tdm.

    16. Comment
      Markeyse Mundy

      I see why HEAT is TDM only, but it would be nice on native systems.

    17. Comment
      windawk ( Idea Submitter )

      I think it should be standard on all pro tools platforms. Even as a purchase option. That way all sessions mixed in any pro tools sys is compatible. The divide between PT9 and PT9 HD is huge for most people but most can save up $495. That way Avid will make money and users can be happy. Quit expanding the divide. That exclusive club mentality is what got us here in the first place

    18. Comment

      I agree ,with all you can do with protools LE and other DAW software already.To the average producer or engineer Protools HD just doesn't always seem like a necessary upgrade.I believe that HEAT being standard in HD would be a great incentive for the user looking for unmatched sound quality within Protools 9 HD or HD Native.This could encourage users to upgrade to HD, when they're not able to necessary afford or don't have the space for a high quality tape machine or analog mixing console to work with there DAW.

  2. Comment

    Everyone can't get everything they want.... Keep Heat pro and let the consumers remember that they can't get absolutely everything they want.

    There are other alternatives available as plugins.

  3. Comment


    Check out SATV from Mellowmuse, many who have heard it bought it instantly. Only 100 bucks.

    You can get a free demo of the software, check it out.

  4. Comment

    as an HD owner, HEAT was something i was excited to buy right away. i did and i LOVE IT. had i been an LE owner, i would have paid the same price for it. no reason why it can't be a plug-in that makes avid money. it's totally worth the price. now then, i hope as an owner of an HD rig and HEAT, i'm hoping i won't have to pay for it again when you eventually do make it available to native users. ahem.

  5. Comment

    Wow that would be great - think of how many plugs you could sell - I also would find it very hard to believe that with the native CPU power we could do this

    +100 - implement this now please

  6. Comment

    Charge for it,but PLEASE make it native..or native HD!! PLEASE!

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