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Plugin Manager With Version Indicator

A build-in plugin manager that would allow you to turn plugins on or off AND clearly specifies the correct versions of the installed plugins. After restarting Pro Tools your plugins would then be turned on or off according to the settings you made in the plugin manager.

It would be fantastic if it could be done WITHOUT a restart of Pro Tools, BUT even if i do have to restart Pro Tools this would make such a difference with troubleshooting (also a great help for Avid's support department). Also in classroom situations this would make such a huge difference when having to check wich plugins and versions are installed.

I prefer to have it build into PT but even a well programmed standalone Utility with a clear interface would be such a time and life saver.


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    There's a freeware app out there called PT Plugin Manager. Does exactly what you're describing. I use it all the time. Moreover, it will manage your waves plugins as well. Hope this helps. Best.

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    what i want is that the updater should also check the plugin versions of my plugins - not only the Digi/Air plugins which are included in PT, every additional plugin (even 3rd party) should be recognized.

    Could be easy made, through a database as long as 3rd party developers would be able to have access to it AND use it.

    Just the information about newer versions would help. ThereĀ“s no need to make 3rd party plugs download-able through the updater.

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    Could not agree more! I don't think it's a good idea to have 3rd party manufacturers direct access to this list, but Digidesign does check the 3rd party plugins anyway and once a plug gets approval it could be added to the list of updates.

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    Bortraws ( Idea Submitter )

    Yes i know of the 3rd party solutions. There's a couple actually amongst them the one you're mentioning.

    I'd rather have Avid include such a function within Pro Tools though. A dedicated screen that will immediately tell you whether the plugins installed are up to date or not.

    It was the intention of Avid to have 3rd party developers access to the update function that appeared in PT 8 under the help menu. So far i haven't ever seen a message stating there's an update for one of the standard plugins let alone one from a 3rd party developer.

    That would already be a lifesaver.

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    The PT plugin manager is excellent and does everything I would need it to do, however it is buggy in OSX 10.6.6 and refuses to load any sets I create. I have been in touch with the developer and he says a we-write is in progreass. I'm not fussed whether this is included in PT or is an external app.

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    I know for Mac, there are third party solutions to this idea. I don't know of any for Windows versions of Pro Tools (Windows 7 with Pro Tools 9). If anyone knows of any please let me know! Most of all, I think Avid should include this feature.

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    Bortraws ( Idea Submitter )

    I also like the stand alone PT Plugin Manager and use it very often but I'd rather have a window within Pro tools that does all of this for me and is within the Avid controlled environment of Pro Tools.

    Avid could have an online database in which all plugins developed for Pro Tools reside with the latest versions of their plugins but also third party plugins. Developers can add their plugins to this database and update the versions of their plugins registered in the database. Avid can then show this information via the Plugin Manager inside Pro Tools. Whenever one or more developers have an updated plugin Avid shows us via their software update feature and allows us to open the Plugin Manager from where we could directly download and install the updated plugin.

    So basically it would be an advanced Plugin Compatibility list (like Avid already has on their website) but with advanced features like the option to turn ON or OFF your installed plugins without having to close Pro Tools. Or PT could automatically save and close the session and reopen it like they do with changing the playback engine.

    Turning plugins ON or OFF via this Plugin Manager Window would allow us to do way faster problem solving. If Avid for instance added a button in the Plugin Manager Window that allows you to turn ON/OFF all 3rd party plugins separate from Avid's own plugins you could turn them back on one by one to find the culprit of the crashes you've been having.

    A warning dialog will tell you when you try to turn off a plugin that is currently active in your session and allow you to either inactivate it in the session or cancel turning it off.

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    That would really help, since I have some plugins that I use in Cubase but not in PT.

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    Although I'm the developer of PT Plug-in Manager, I would like to see this build in to Pro Tools...

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    Rex Strother

    It would certainly seem a simple bit of code to add a single line in any PT-viable plug-in; that could then produce a "Current Version" list of PT Plug-ins loaded (Used and Unused, even, from those folders). I hate digging around for what version each one is (sometimes it's on the GUI face, sometimes it's buried). if PT could just give me a list of what each plug-in reports to it - I'll go find 'em and download the latest - but opening each plug-in to find the version - Pain in the A**

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