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Reasonable upgrade PT10 upgrade pricing

$1000 to go from 9HD to 10 HD? A tad pricey guys.


Submitted by Neil Parfitt 2 years ago

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  1. josephbteresi Merged

    Pro Tools 9 to Pro Tools 10 Upgrade is too expensive...

    2 years ago
  2. I am a HD user. I will not upgrade my TDM cards anytime soon but would like to run the current software. However, I will not update unless Avid charges a fair price more in line with previous upgrade prices. C'mon Avid!

    2 years ago
  3. It's a little confusing guys - what we are voting on... My understanding is Agree if you think the pricing is to expensive.

    2 years ago
  4. Yes, quite frankly an unbelievable bit of upgrade pricing. We've invested thousands in the HD hardware and the software upgrade should be at administration fee levels. Very annoyed. HD2 for sale in the near future...

    2 years ago
  5. It's not in line with comparable software upgrade prices that other companies charge.

    2 years ago
  6. not even a year from the last upgrade, which still have bugs and then 10 comes at 1k for 9hd users, too much!!!

    2 years ago
  7. I agree. Despite those „new“ features that are partly bug corrections in order to be online with their competitors it is a weak upgrade the weakest ever happened and the most expensive, two ultimates. Congratulation.

    2 years ago
  8. truelight11 Merged


    2 years ago
  9. i'm staying on 8HD until the upgrade sinks way lower - or until 11 hits the stand as a 64 bit prog...at a reasonable cost - or I'll stay on 8 forever....it kicks! goodwork! I may just have a keeper

    2 years ago
  10. This is infuriating! Avid's lucky Pro Tools users are as loyal as they are. I would appreciate Avid returning the favor and giving those of us that work on your expensive systems a reasonable price.

    I'm about ready to tell Avid to shove it.

    2 years ago
  11. For the PT 9 to 10 upgrade $400.00 is a bit much. Added features are mainly bug fixes with the exception of a few additions, they do not warrant a $400.00 price tag. Staying put and hoping the price drops, or at least clean up PT9 at no additional costs.

    2 years ago
  12. $1000 is so offensive for the HD upgrade, considering two years ago it was a pay for HD8 (forget the price, we skipped it), then $500 for HD9 a year later, now $1000 for HD10!

    I understand that new technologies cost money to develop, but clearly they were working on all these major differences (non-PT I/O in PT9, Clip gain, AS w/handles, etc in PT10), so they could have waited and released one killer upgrade at a high but fair price. Instead, we fight for an upgrade in our company, finally get it approved, then a few months later another paid upgrade comes out. Now, no more money is available because they just paid for an upgrade a few months ago and don't believe it's necessary. So, if Avid had waited 2 years and released a $1500 upgrade, we would probably have bought that.

    Plus, how f-ing long did it take them to get AS render w/ handles?!!!

    2 years ago
    1. It really is. It also has reciprocal echoes of the current political climate in which the authoritative body seeks to undercut its shortcomings by taxing the "upper class". Although different from pitting people against each other, a seemingly greedy and disrespectful tactic nonetheless.

      1 year ago
  13. I really like Pro Tools 9 (non HD for me). But honestly, I'm not buying the hype of Pro Tools 10. It doesn't "Wow" me at all, like versions 8 and 9 did. For every "new feature", I say "So what?" (I realize this may be different for HD, for high-end studios, or for those doing post-production. But for regular Pro Tools, not so much.)

    On top of that, the price for upgrading is is double what it should be.

    So we have an over-rated version at an inflated cost. Hmmm, I'm not sure what you people at AVID are thinking.

    P.S. I appreciate all of your hard work making Pro Tools, especially versions 8 and 9.

    2 years ago
    1. Totally agree too much hype and yeah it's too expensive for what it has to offer! There's is nothing eye popping about the new features IMO. Ableton and Reaper already had this covered way back in the day. I say if you have your own company making movies or recording artist like JZ then sure use it if you need to compete. This is aimed at the big business who I'm sure get a free copy to test keep because their promoting Protools anyway to make them money. I saw the video at lucas studio etc.. that can afford to buy a brand new system with pocket change. So no it not for everyone that clear, it's mainly for the movie industry and company's like CNN, NFL, SKY etc.. who demand and drives the way Pro Tools is made so they don't really care about the small business or home studio user. ;)

      2 years ago
  14. I won't upgrade my PT 9 at that pricing

    2 years ago
  15. I'm staying on 8.1 with ProTools. My hardware doesn't have a future beyond 10.

    I'd be happy to pay $199 for this upgrade from v8. That's its market value.

    Protools didn't have any new features for HD users with ver 9. As for Ver 10 -- $1500 for clip gain and an eq, no thanks. I can buy a "bass rider" plugin for $99. That would be more useful to me than this upgrade.

    At this rate it'll be $10,000 and 10 years in software upgrades before I can record arm a track in the midi editor, or step enter notation with Sibelius keys, or create a tempo map to a rubato performance. Or select a sound on Xpand2 without going through 30 menus, or lockout a tool effectively, or use Boom with multiple outs or... Did I mention I can only run three or four RTAS VIs before bottlenecking my $30,000 PTHD rig. All of these requests have been on this list for two years BTW.

    My hardware upgrade path is not nearly attractive enough, considering my current hardware sound great and I have TDM resources to spare. RTAS and MIDI features were always the problem. They're still a problem in 10 apparently, so I won't pay a dime for this "upgrade."

    2 years ago
  16. I respect your opinions, however consider a few things:

    1. Everytime a new version of any software comes out, users complain about the price with the given features. If you don't need the features, it is really simple... Don't buy

    2. There is a lot more going on in PT10 than the advertising has been able to describe:

    A. New plug-in coding structure: No more worries about Native vs TDM, from what I've read, the new AAX figures out where you have (or don't have) DSP and utilizes those resources

    B. Export tracks: This is so nice and allows batch prints of all my stems. Plus if you are still whining, this is pretty close to the ability to do freeze track!

    C. Stable mixed bit depth: Avid spent a lot of time on the backend math for PT10 and even more importantly they put in a great dithering engine in there to make it translate to any output.

    There is a clear reason why Avid is charging so much. From what I can tell it all comes down to PT10 being the launching pad for a new workflow for the way PT handles audio.

    We were still relying on media driven audio and Avid has taken a huge step to change that dynamic while making the smallest impact on the way we interact with the software(after all downtime means no money is made). If you are looking for new flashy features that catch your eye, this isn't it. PT10 really is a new face of PT without us being able to tell.

    PS: I have just completed my first editing session in PT10 and I have to say that the new audio engine and crossfades have saved me almost half of the time and I have not had a single DAE or DSP error while the same setup in PT9 would seize up within 5-10 sec of audio.

    2 years ago
    1. While what you say is true, it's not like none of that shyt is new to the DAW world/market. That's like BMW charging you $80,000 for a 335 because it now comes with a turbo charger, when companies like VW, Mitsubishi, and Saab and been selling turbo charged cars for over a decade! They're just selling you basic shyt that programs like Fruity Loops have been able to do for years!

      2 years ago
  17. I have to agree. And we moved on the a new feature set without fixing a lot of the bugs out there. It seems Avid is banking on us users will bail you out of a tough economy. Look at what FCP did to you yet you didn't learn. you are about to do it again!

    The PT10 vs PT10 HD cost per benefit is skewed badly!

    2 years ago
  18. so the economy is and has been in a downturn....raise the price? again?

    the last thing holding me to pro tools is my command 8, and your dropping support for it....nice...

    a new daw is coming my way and it will be pro tools....

    2 years ago
  19. This price is so much too high, especially as we can expect the next upgrade to be just as expensive - considering the chance that it will have a lot of "innovative" new feature like 64bit, freeze tracks and off-line bounce....

    2 years ago
  20. The similarities between Avid & RIM are amazing.

    Two companies with no clue as to what the customer wants and needs. They make these feeble attempts at trying to appeal to the consumer market but fail miserably and then blame the consumers for not understanding.

    After epic fails in the stock market RIM decided that it was going to stop trying to please consumers and focus on the enterprise. Pro Tools 10 was for the pro market, make no mistake about it. None of those features were made with song writers, composers or bed room producers in mind. Avid said it themselves.

    The disconnect here, like RIM, is that Avid has non-pro users that love their product and want a certain type of attention but that's not going to happen. My advice to anyone who likes Pro Tools two fold:

    1. Learn to work with the program as is.

    They are going to SLOW at adopting simple things that make the user experience better. They listen to the big time engineers, not their assistants. So why would they update the workspace (perhaps the worst, most outdated file browsing system in modern computing) if Tony Masserati isn't complaining. Well he's not complaining because he's not using it.

    2. Focus on your craft and make a lot of money.

    Pro Tools is a rich mans game. Sure you're sitting here complaining about the $1000 upgrade fee but Avid didn't price PT10 with YOU in mind. They priced it thinking about that post house that spent a million dollars on their PT rig. That grand is nothing but a tax right off for those guys, a months intern salary, chump change.


    These are the inescapable realities of Pro Tools. It will get better but not at at the pace we expect from a modern company. When the big post house complain, that's when Avid listens. Idea scale is nothing but a publicity stunt for shareholders.

    1 year ago
  21. Although we can do nothing abou 10 pricing, with upgrade to 11 on the horizon, please make this a reasonable price. I know it has been a complete rewrite and has been an awful lot of work, but PT10 wasn't and we paid through the nose. We are all struggling in the current climate, let make this more about getting as many users on 11 as possible not about stuffing your loyal supporters. Both Apple and Microsoft have done this recently, we wait in anticipation.

    1 year ago
  22. this is why i have stayed away from hd native. I really want an hd native thunderbolt with an HD IO 16x16 analog interface. That right there is pricey for my budget but completely worth it. I'm one of those enthusiasts who doesn't mind bugs and just wants to get his hands on those new features, I also find by the 3rd update the program is completely usable anyways for a working environment. With that in mind I don't want to have to pay $1000 just to go from Pro Tools 11 hd to 12 hd. I'd be willing to pay the standard $600 price that a full copy of pro tools standard goes for, it's still steep but much easier to come up with.

    1 year ago