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It would be nice to have a Redbook CD authoring system included within protools similar to CD architect.


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    It would be even better if you could create the indexes directly in Pro Tools using the markers and burn right out of a Pro Tools session.

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    A CD mastering/burning program. Its included as a standard feature in such programs as Logic and Sequoia/Samplitude. Its LONG overdue. Masterlist was never very satisfactory, nor well integrated.

    This is a serious shortcoming in PTools.

    I've been a PT user since 1998.

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    vegadark ( Idea Submitter )

    Kevin, that is exactly what I mean. Integrated redbook CD mastering. Maybe the idea can even be taken a step farther with DVD-A ond so on.

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    Markeyse Mundy

    I think it will be cool to add the UPC code systems and everything a burning program would include. I think it should come as a secondary program that you get with Pro Tools.

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    This should be done with authoring software. Not recording software. You can't have everything in one software. It takes away from the main objective. You need two softwares that function perfect. Not one software that does everything half a$$ed.

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    It's actually not included in Logic. It's a separate software that comes with Logic. You can't have one software that does everything and why would you with all of the amazing free software on the internet. I use all freeware software and my computer does everything that you could ever need. has all the software you need. Why would you wanna clutter up great software with features that shouldn't be included anyways? Did you want great recording software or something else?

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    I take your point. However most of the great DAWs currently incorporate CD authoring and burning software at just about all price points.

    Digi offered the MasterList CD authoring program once upon a time (before 2000), but it was never intuitive or friendly. But they discontinued it. The fact they previously offered such a program indicates they know its a basic tool for users.

    Yes, I use and have used Roxio/Toast/Jam in the past and have used Waveburner as well. I'd just like to see digi cover this part of the production chain most of us use at one time or another.

    Thanks for your comment though.

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    Community Member

    all the mastering options direct integrated in pro tools 9 - that would be great. if pt 9 would have masteringfeatures (like DDP - export, markes etc.......). every other daw could go home.

    in this case you really could do everthing with one daw. recording - mixing - mastering - post production and so on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and there is nothing to complain about having all in one daw!!!

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    Community Member

    I would rather have it be a separate software, dedicated and optimized for that specific purpose.

    Adding in such a huge feature set into the DAW itself would just add clutter and potential bugs.

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    Markeyse Mundy

    I agree with CM. It should be a separate piece of software. I do see it being able to have a special function within Pro Tools to export it out to this "Mastering Program", with Track name export. Then the MP program can tag track names for CD Text/iTunes names, have DDP import/export functionality, UPC/EAN codes, Add silence between tracks, CD Player emulator, and cross mixing.

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    I think this is irrelevant in todays market. CD's are on the way out and there are plenty of (free) products out there that will do this.

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    The return of Masterlist would not really cut it these days. I suffered with Peak for many years and am now deep in head scratch mode with QuattroDSP.

    A compilation tool is a seriously different interface from ProTools.

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    Yes, seriously Jim. They were then, and are now, called playlists. CD is just a media choice, but compilations of songs; movements; etc, are obviously here to stay. The tool to build these compilations would have a very different interface from our PT edit window, but a lot of the technology is built right in to PT, the program, right now. The plug-in integration, real-time fades and many edit tools could be shared and would be a nice change from the night-and-day transformation that is required every time I want to compile my work into an album - which is every single project.

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