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Region/Clip Based Effects

EQ and gain parameters could be assigned to clips. This would greatly simplify automation and editing especially in post production.


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  • Community Member attached: Screen-shot-2011-04-20-at-12.29.00-AM.png

    This is not just post production, it is a very creative and powerful feature. Ableton for example allows you to have volume, pitch & pan envelopes per clip which gives you endless creative freedom. Take a look at this picture where I can easily draw a pit


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    Matt Connolly

    This would also allow level calibrations to be carried through with Region Groups and exported between sessions, and would actually make Region Groups *really useful*!!

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    I know this has been gone over a ton. but could someone please explain clip based gain to me!

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    I just posted a similar feature to improve Audio Suite processing. to set handle lenghts and store the plug-in parameters in the file (or the session)

    maybe you want to give that a thumb up...

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    Kevin D-B

    Just seen a dub done on Pyramix which features 'Clip Gain' (as does SADiE) Made the dialogue edit MUCH easier. I cannot believe PT doesn't have it. Even Adobe Audition has it! I'm now sat here behind my 003 thinking I've invested in the wrong DAW.

    I know there are 'workarounds' but this is 2009, we shouldn't be working around the software, it should be working with us. Non destructive Region based gain would go a long, long way to helping Post users.

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    This is one of the great features of Sonar. Sonar allows individual insert bins per region. You can easily copy the region inserts to each other. I hate using Audio Suite and committing to EQ settings that you later end up changing. A big thumbs up for this feature in my book.

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    An icon on the track indicates an audiosuite plugin has been applied but the original audio is still accessible. The idea is to give us the possibility to "step in" and edit the settings used to process the file.

    If you use a file with the same name as the rendered process to include the snapshot of the plugin and the original file location, this is realy trivial to code. Multiple stepping in should be working this way also.

    Maybe using the playlist explode the different steps?

    Because the playback engine just plays the offline processed file it doesn't put extra strain on the playback engine.

    Nice extra would be to be able to import the aaf including this data as it is present in the aaf coming from the avid, this way we could undo/redo the effects the video cutter used on the audio for previewing purposes.

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    HD already has something like this called snapshots. I'm voting that I agree with this but only if its for LE/MP.

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    That is not the same thing here. You are talking about automating the EQ between clips. It is way faster to just put individual plug-ins on each clip and set the processor the way you want it nondestructively.

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    Chris Canning

    Non-destructive clip gain and clip based EQ would be awesome. This is one of the most attractive features of the Fairlight and I would love to see it implimented in Pro Tools. Having a 4 band parametric eq and independent gain per clip is so powerful and quick in post. This should be separate from the volume automation that exists already.

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    This would make my day. My year actually. Apple Soundtrack Pro has an amazing way of handling this. You just drag a gainer onto a clip, an EQ afterwards, maybe some noise reduction (can you tell I'm in post?), and it's all applied non-destructively, and the waveform is instantly updated. If you decide to adjust the middle plug-in, you can! instantly re-rendered, including FX that follow it

    Can I just dream a little further? It would be AMAZING if you could save such a "channelstrip" if you will, as a preset. For example;

    Dudes with glasses interview takes so and so EQ, and so and so noise reduction. You just drag preset "dude with glasses" on all his dialogue parts.

    That's the simple implementation.

    Now the outrageous feature request:

    If along the way I decide I was a little aggressive on the EQ part, it would be great if I just had to adjust it in the channel preset, and ALL HIS PARTS GET INSTANTLY UPDATED. You'd have to have some "link non destructive FX chain to channelstrip" feature to pull this off but it would make me smile for a year.


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    Non destructive clip based gain would be great.

    As a Pyramix user, I deliver OMFs to different DAWs to be mixed. I constantly use this feature.

    Let the mixer open up their faders and away you go.

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    Man I would never have thought of this but what a fantastic idea I think happy feet had 1000 audio tracks.

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    This was one of the features promised for PT when Digi shut down Avid Audiovision and merged it with PT to create 5.0. (Other major feature missing and proposed quite often is the bins in the region folder)Very handy for post and I miss this feature - Audiovision and Fairlight could edit dialog much faster than PT with this feature.

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    Having come from editing on Fairlight for 7 years, this was the main thing that made pro tools feel crippled when I first started using it. To be able to turn up the gain on individual clips across several tracks within a range relative to eachother (or not), without affecting the mix automation, is still sorely missed. That's before we even get into eq...

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    Majorly useful for Post-Production. Pro Tools could process this by making the plug-ins active five seconds before the playback cursor gets to each region and then deactivates them upon finishing the region.

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    Community Member

    plus multiple undo redo history for every clip!

    clip based audiosuite.

    Nuendo has this and it is great!

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    Only have gain per region. That's a generic parameter. EQ is too specific, and relies that this plugin is also installed, unless you're talking about destructive editing. In which case, follow the SoundTrack Pro model, and have every region have its own undo tree for destructive editing..... then EVERY AudioSuite plugin could be effectively applied "per region" as a pseudo-realtime (but static) parameter.

    The term "destructive" has connotations of never being able to undo, but that's no what I'm talking about. Studio Vision had a similar concept and they called it "constructive" editing. It's really just rendering ("print" to file) as opposed to real time DSP. But when you have awesome undo and other management, destructive editing can be awesome, not to mention CPU-saving.

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    Ling Smith

    I posted a topic called "Volume Handle Per Region", which you might consider voting up's essentially the gain-per-clip implementation that Nuendo/Cubase has. Gain is the most fundamental parameter, and the handle makes it really accessible and quick to adjust. This would dovetail perfectly with the broader clip-based-effects implementation.

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    Avid MC style audiosuite plugin integration would be fantastic.

    Really simple way to integrate this is to keep track of the used plugin settings and the original file it came from.

    This has another big advantage. you could modify the length of the audiosuited region since PT has all the info to reprocess the file! And its offline processing so no extra realtime processing power is needed.

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    Community Member

    Looks like Avid listened to us, there are videos out there showing upcoming features with region based volume etc.

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    Strange, I commented on this yesterday and it seems to have been removed!!

    Comment was, the video of upcoming features didn't have any mention of clip based eq, just gain.

    In my opinion this 'idea' has not been answered - clip based eq, maybe even compression, would be huge. Clip based gain is something that should have been implemented a long time ago as it's a feature in most other professional editors and has been for years - this ain't some new discovery!!

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    Its so funny, how 90% of the examples for features, are actual features that Abelton and fl Studio has.

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    If AVID implements this feature in next version, I WILL buy it =)

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    Clip Gain is fantastic! For comping vocals, it is indispensable. Along those lines, I would like to see "Clip EQ" where you can quickly apply EQ to a clip for matching in a comp. Of course you can do this with an Audiosuite plug, but the flexibility of Clip Gain demonstrates how useful this format could be.

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    This would be brilliant...I must have been on acid when I disagreed with it a long time ago. Can you reverse your votes on Ideascale?

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    Clip based gain is excellent.

    Clip Based EQ now please!

    Folders in the region window too and I will never want again.

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    Two years ago I down voted this suggestion and I was an idiot. I've seen the light but it won't let me change my vote!

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    Do this and add bins, Pro Tools will be as good as AudioVision!

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    It´s amazing to see the amount of people that agrees on one of these old ideas. I agree too of course and I know that I´m now, as we say in Sweden, kicking in open doors. But I still have to say it again: We had it 25 years ago in Audiovision, AVID´s audio editing software. We also had bins, can you believe it? We had a project which could have as many different timelines as we liked. You just switched between them and copy-pasted things when you were making episodes for TV an such... WE MISS THOSE THINGS! And the new generation are starting to invent these functions and get a need for them although for me they are old but dearly missed every working day. Will I live to see them again, who knows. I´m 53 and haven´t given up but the clock is ticking...

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    I'm with you diehard and I feel your pain.

    Audiovision was way ahead in those areas and we have been promised that same functionality again in PT over and over for years.

    We now finally have clip based gain. Now please EQ.

    For people who never used Audiovision, imagine this scenario. You double click a clip, the EQ window pops up. You EQ the clip to taste and close the window. Boom. Done.

    Its non destructive too, you can go back and change it anytime.

    This was as diehard says, 25 years ago!!

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    Ian Dowling

    Extending the Clip Gain concept, in as much as it gives the user finer control region to each region. Each region would have a 3 band EQ and a high and low filter available, and the gain in and out knobs.

    This would be particularly great for vocals, which can change radically in tone from line to line, especially if using takes recorded at different times.

    These EQ settings would be copied with the region, but there would be a checkbox to turn this on and off.

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