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SD2 files crash Workspace

Some SD2 files, apparently those with resource fork issues, crash ProTools when auditions are attempted via Workspace, kicking back a C++ Assertion error in "Cmn_Store.cpp".

This is on a Win 7 system utilizing MacDrive. This is like a horrible game of Minesweeper, where if you you fail with your luck, ProTools and the entire session goes down in flames. Please address this.


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    Community Member

    This is more an OS issue. The same happens on OSX because SD2 files are prone to losing their resource-forks which makes them unreadable.

    I highly recommend converting all your SD2 files to BWAV to avoid this in the future.

    I doubt that PT can address this since the corruption happens before the files are even loaded into PT. Even under OSX this happens.

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    spapagiannis ( Idea Submitter )

    That's actually what I am in the process of doing now, getting everything to BWAV. I wonder if there's a way that they can be ignored from playback though sine the Workspace scans the files (to load up waveforms and such).

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    Avid Moderator

    Pro Tools hasn't supported SD2 files since version 8. You should use Import Session Data to import and convert those sessions audio files to WAV format.