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Save/Load Plug-in 'chains' (common plug-ins combos)

It would eliminate the awfully slow process of importing session data, copying plugins, deleting tracks, etc.

(Changed from "Channel Strip Presets" to avoid confusion with the Channel Strip plug-in.)


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  1. Comment
    Iam TheHuman

    This absolutely needs to happen. Why it hasn't is beyond me.

  2. Comment
    ( Moderator )

    For now... check out the "Track Data To Import" options in Import > Session Data. You can disable all but Plug-In Assignments (and maybe Plug-In Settings And Automation if desired) to 'copy' just the plug-ins from other sessions.


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    1. Comment

      This is the method I teach to my students. You can even make a "master session" that you pull from regularly that not only has plugins but also window configuration as well as markers with specific screen layouts.

  3. Comment
    Community Member

    Man. DP and most other DAWS did this like 8 or 10 years ago. I use Import Session Data all day long to do this and every time I do I roll my eyes and let out a big sigh that says "come on Avid, this is ridiculous." Who likes searching for a donor session, scrolling down a long list to match up tracks, THEN scrolling through another long list, checking off a list of items to import, when you could just have a top level insert that houses presets for chains that would them populate the successive inserts with two clicks - one to open the menu, another to select the preset chain. Clearly users want this feature, and it seems like such low-hanging fruit from a development resources standpoint that would improve so many peoples' workflow. I would've paid money right now for PT 12 for workflow improvements like this (or built-in pitch analysis & editing) over the collaboration stuff. I think it's great, but it's not something I would use literally all day, every day. I can't wait for PT 13 that sends out automatic tweets every time I print a mix, but still doesn't have plug-in chain presets.

  4. Comment

    This DOES exist. It was a hack since PT7, and is now official in PT11. It works a little differently than store and recall of plug chains, and is actually much better for most purposes. The entire channel, or any number of channels, can be stored and recalled with IO, channel name, and a static set of all control settings, as well as the plug-in chain and all plug-in settings. It is called Track Preset and your custom set is available anytime you invoke a New Track command. I am running PT10 and have hundreds of track presets organized by category. From full drum kits to individual pieces, monitoring chains, effect setups, etc.

    It would still be nice to be able to store and recall less than everything in a channel. But hundreds of users seem to be unaware of what is there right now. Do a search for Track Presets in ProTools.

  5. Comment
    Community Member

    Import Session Data does work, and the New Track Presets are great, but they're both clunky in their own ways. Using Track Presets requires that you want to load those exact I/O's and plugs from the get go, or you have to re-route and de-activate or replace things. ...Here's my own context: I'm producing and tracking a music project from the ground up with a band. I may start from a template, but then I'm adding tracks left and right as the project progresses, and I don't necessarily want any plug-ins instantiated while working that phase. I'm dialing in the recorded sounds, and want to keep my session lean and nimble while tracking and working quickly. By the time I get into vocal tracking, I might want to start cleaning things up and getting a basic mix happening for the singer. At that point, rather than having to use the New Track command (too late) or Import Session Data, (clunky) it would be much easier to be able to click a top level insert of sorts to load some go-to processing chains that I could access selectively and at any time in the course of a project. You can also set default dynamics & EQ plugs in your preferences. That's even easier, unless of course, you don't want the same dynamics & EQ on every track. I don't.

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