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Save/Load Plug-in 'chains' (common plug-ins combos)

It would eliminate the awfully slow process of importing session data, copying plugins, deleting tracks, etc.

(Changed from "Channel Strip Presets" to avoid confusion with the Channel Strip plug-in.)


Submitted by truelight11 4 years ago

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  1. Pinned Moderator

    Splitting this post in two Ideas so that the Channel Strip for plug-ins gets visibility with ADC attached to it. ADC for Pro Tools LE and MP is already one of the highest requested features so I think we're covered on that one. Thanks for your input!

    4 years ago
  2. acraigbray Merged

    The current workaround of importing session data is tedious and leaves empty tracks to be deleted in addition to the numerous extra steps.

    4 years ago
    1. Community Member attached: Screen-shot-2011-04-20-at-12.18.14-AM.png - Not just channel strips but innovation with channel strips. Ableton for example revolutionized that concept allowing you to create groups of plugins that have routable macros and in turn endless possibilities. Pro Tools is void of anything close s 3 years ago
    1. Dizzy Merged

      Mixing Preferences 'Channel Strip' favorite. Just like favorite 'Compressor' or 'EQ', it would be great to have a 3rd favorite for a Channel Strip.

      4 years ago
    2. jonas Merged

      We need channelstrips like in Logic Pro. It really speeds things up, and I believe a lot of us are using the same plug-in chains with very similar settings a lot.

      Thank you

      Jonas Rose Høeg

      Sales & Support

      4Sound Denmark

      4 years ago
    3. albee1952 Merged

      Add a spot on the strip to right-click(or Option-click) and choose Save Plugin Chain. Then the same spot on the strip could be clicked on to Load Plugin Chain, which would bring up a batch of plugins at the saved settings. Nice if you always use, say, the same 3 plugins for Bass, or the same 5 plugins for vocals.

      3 years ago
    4. As an addition this could also be done for sends on a track. Recalling a send preset would then create the send AND automatically recall the AUX Input track with the specific effect(s) that it contained.

      Setting up a reverb or delay send for instance would be so fast that it will save heaps of time during recording and mixing.

      4 years ago
    5. Duh, i see there's a search function at the top of the page. Never seen that before. Don't know if i have been thick (I've actually scrolled through all pages to see if an idea has already been posted) or if it has been added recently. Anyway, this will save me a lot of time when wanting to add another idea.

      4 years ago
    6. taz

      FYI: You could also add the following to a Google search:


      4 years ago
    7. How about actually offering some pre-made channel strip presets as well. Paying $500 dollars for Ableton and Logic gets you the world but with PT you just get a program and some very poorly presented (but good!) sounds. Is someone at Avid being really lazy? Come on guys, its 2011.

      3 years ago
    8. I couldn't agree more with this feature. It would be nice if Pro Tools not only implemented this but also innovated by creating an entire rack type management system. This would include many production presets and pre-made chains using the AIR plugins as starters. That would be something.

      3 years ago
    9. Like the channel strip save would be nice. Have a preset.

      3 years ago
    10. i'm on board with all of the above suggestions. moving from project to project with the same vocalist on commission jobs is a breeze in logic, but a pain in pro tools.

      2 years ago
  3. planet-z Merged

    Be able to call up an entire mixer channel with all routing and plugins with a preset. This would speed things up instead of having to import session data from a template. My old digital mixer from years ago could do this!

    4 years ago
    1. Zo

      if less mouse clicks / navigation than "session data" import then yes. if no then whats the difference.

      4 years ago
    2. Include SENDS as well with and Plug-in and send presets as well as default zero'd out

      3 years ago
  4. Templates are nice, but while I can build templates to my hearts content, it would be easier to be able to define a track, the I/O, the track name, plugins (including preset), sends (including the adding of the selected buss with whatever plugins and routing one wanted)and if multiple tracks, group them, so I could insert as a session developes (things don't always 'fit' neatly into a template)

    In the early days of databases one could record macro's by just going thru the drom down menu selections and selecting... this continued until you had taken all the steps and chosens. The recorded macro was ended and saved in a menu by whatever name you wanted. This could be then used anywhere in the database by inserting it into a "button"

    In my "I can dream can't I" scenario, the user defined would be sored as a drop-down in the tracks menu.

    As an example- with musicians I've worked with enough to become familiar with their particular style sound to use a vgery similar recording set up ; # of mics/tracks, inputs, plug-ins (perhaps), and sending to an aux buss for comp, verb, etc... but the settings of the comp, or verb, or whatever is specific to them- and the set-up may be different if they're playing say an acoustic Taylor maple body versus a Guild mahogany body, or finger picking, strumming or flat-picking. Or drummers- I work with 4 drummers, all play different, and have slightly different set-ups

    basically this is nothing more that "automating" a track build or group of tracks- and seems to me to be a very simple coding issue- Like programming Hot Keys, but this would give greater flexibility and be much quicker... and completely within PT... talk about streamlining workflow!

    To map this out one time and save it so I could insert them into a session quickly (I knw I still have set up the mics)

    what a savings

    4 years ago
    1. How would this be different from building multiple templates and importing the tracks via import session data?

      4 years ago
    2. I don't think my situation/environment are that unusual-

      My studio has 48 possible XLR patch points- 16 are normalized into the Control 24, of which 1-8 out from the C|24 are normalized into the 002 C|24 9-16 are non-normaized and may be re-routed whereever. , 8 more are normalized into a Presonus Digimax to ADAR 9 - 16, of the remaining 24, some are open patches, others are normalized into pre's

      DO I need 48... probably not, but I can have several sessions somewhat pre-patched making change-overs faster( which is usually on my nickel)

      I work with several drummer (1 is left handed), and none play the same kit configuration, several keyboardist, some prefer stereo outs, some mono, one lays the house Hammond and a electric piano, one has 3 keyboards- all different patches,

      Like wise I am familiar enough with a number of vocalists that I know what the set-up - pre- and if used compression, EQ, etc

      and the schedule doesn't always work out to allow continuous days of the same group/players being able to come in... and by many studios scheduling I'm not very busy in comparison

      If time allows I'll get "alternate" takes from different players, so I can have session copies or multiple drum set-ups, or bass, etc in a session

      while I could build one giant generic session template (or several) and start deleting things I don't want to use, It seems easier to have preset tracks I can "grab as needed" from a drop down, rather than having to change folders (or in my case drives)

      ...live musicians get impatient waiting - even the ones who aren't paying!

      yes there's a work around, but why not be able to simply have the option to "Save Track configuration) separate from any session or template?

      4 years ago
    3. Hey there, I see you have a 002, in LE the import options are limited but in HD you can import all the things you mention (I/O, Inserts, Sends etc) as desired with the tracks which would keep you from needing to change anything.

      Of course this doesn't help out with LE, I'd love to see all these import features included with every level of PT.

      Sorry if I still managed to miss your point!


      4 years ago
    4. no prob- dialogue is good- the limitations are a pain... but that's marketing... and while I don't always agree, I do do understand marketting andd the need to keep the markets and demands moving is a positive and upward flow

      yes... 002R... and an now obsolete PPC G5 (and not even 4 years old...)

      so for us "little people" this option would be a streamline. I remembered after sending the post that I've been suprised by "guest" session people who I've worked before, and here again, the ability to build a track wih inputs, sends, and any plug-ins (even if disabled in low-latency_ they'd be ther for the playback and mix)

      I've serioulsy looked at some of the trade-ins Sweetwater is offering Sigh... damn this economy!

      4 years ago
  5. matt Merged

    It would be great if you could save the "A-F" 5 plug-in slots as a collective rack "preset". So when setting up a quick mix you can instantly bring up your favorite compressors and eq + their settings so you don't have to import session data the long way....which can also put in annoying automation envelopes which you have to select everything when your finished and hit clear special : clear all automation......very annoying.

    4 years ago
    1. This will never be added because professionals set everything separate for every track because every track is different. No pro would ever use this feature so I doubt they would ever include it.

      4 years ago
    2. Exactly every track is different hense why you would want to save every great cocktail you discover. If you are correct why do plug in s have plugin in presets. This is a preset for a variety of plug in and presets. Wat do you think CLA is doing ??? He has various racks which he likes to use on certain instruments... Is he pro enough for ya?

      4 years ago
    3. i think this would be a cool feature and from reading his posts/comments, this epithetmusic guy is obviously some douchebag on a high horse.

      4 years ago
    4. this would be a great feature when you mangle up sounds to create new ones with multiple plugins (besides logic has this feature )

      4 years ago
    5. Check out Digital Performer for this one... you can select a group of plugins and save all of the settings and order in a global clipping window that isn't linked to individual sessions.

      Clippings in DP are no more than little views of folders in specific places on your Mac. You can find out where by Command-clicking a Clipping’s ‘title bar’, and even open the corresponding folder in the Finder by choosing a ‘parent’ folder from the pop-up menu that appears. Viewing your Clippings in this way opens up the possibility of emailing your favourites to collaborators, for example.

      If you want to repeat a specific process that involves a group of plugins on a single insert, instead of re-instancing all of the plugins or importing from another session, just drag the clipping on the inserts and whalla!

      3 years ago
  6. albee1952 Merged

    How about the ability to save a preset chain of plugins? Maybe right-click in the insert section for each of 5 slots and choose "Save Chain as" and have it save 5 plugins with all their settings and order preserved?

    3 years ago
    1. YES!!!!!

      this will make things so simple

      3 years ago
    2. That's what this feature request already is, like what Logic has had since around 2005.

      2 years ago
  7. I know Reaper has this: awesome feature...

    Because you want to be able to insert that perfect bassguitar (for instance) track from an older song...

    Say You've created many songs that contain tracks with a perfect combination of the right VST-i and Compression/EQ etc...

    I was thinking about Instrument track, but this would be a nice feature for Audio tracks too (for that perfect background vocal settings for instance...)

    3 years ago
    1. You can do this now using import session data ?

      3 years ago
    2. I would prefer to have it under New Track: From Template, much more logical....

      Now I have to make an extra thinking-step...I have to remember that i must look in Import Session Data.. And they aren't located in one Template Folder, but in separate single session data folders, if I'm not mistaking?....

      Of course it's doable to adjust al this, just an idea to make life easier :-)...

      3 years ago
    3. i agree!! currently i have an "import track" session that i ad to whenever i have a new track with a chain of plugs that I want to use over. its a five step process and every time I do i think "Geez if only there was a quikcer way"..

      it could be aded to the "New TracK": Dialog (In the "track type" drop down menu) so you have Mono/stereo/surround options as well (if the plugs in your template allow that of course)

      3 years ago
  8. joe_04_04 Merged

    PT M powered needs to be able to copy track settings, panning settings, plug in settings, etc. from one session to another. I produce a wide variety of things from metal to rap. When producing rap, this feature isn't really necessary for me, because each track is mixed differently in different songs to a rap demo. For metal, It would be great to have this function because I generally get tracks mixed to my liking and apply it to all the other songs in the demo. For instance, if I just got done mixing drums in song one, I don't want to go to song two and have to manually match up the fader volumes, panning settings, and plug in settings (eq compression)...It would just be nice to be able to apply the settings.

    3 years ago
    1. djoum Merged

      To be able to copy anything from one track to another one ALREADY EXIST

      ex. copy insert 2,5,7 / buss 1,3,7 / output assign

      3 years ago
      1. Does 'Import Session Data' or using option+click+drag from one track to another do what you need?

        If not - please provide more detail about how you would ideally like this to function.

        3 years ago
      2. I was thinking the same thing. Import Session Data doesn't work from the session you're currently in. This would be an interesting addition as well, not to lead this in another direction.

        3 years ago
      3. Just save a copy of the current session and then import from it. Takes all of a minute or two...

        3 years ago
      4. I know that import session can do that but then why ne insert in the filters an assign for the buss, insert you like to import on a specific track

        3 years ago
      5. also when you duplicate a track you can only assign all insert, all sends, all alt playlist.

        I think we need more choice in duplicate and import.

        As the new feature on the output (track @ new track) is fantastic, if we can have acces on the track name (ctrl-click) to copy or even import part off the setup of that track

        3 years ago
  9. Rail Rogut Merged

    In the New Track dialog allow the user to create templates for tracks which we use a lot. Like most engineers/editors I'm a creature of habit and I always use the exact same naming scheme when I create new sessions & tracks....

    In the Edit Window and the Group Window in the contextual menu add "Add to favourites" (in the Track header and the Group name)

    So I suggest we have in the New Track dialog a "favourites" list which can be for single tracks or groups of tracks...

    For example:

    Create New Track dialog has the usual options it has now.. but also includes a Favourite pull down menu...

    If the user selects the favourite "Kick", for example, it'll create a new track with all the settings and options. If they select the favourite "Drums [Group]" it'll create all the tracks named correctly with the correct settings and options. Obviously no automation or regions or playlists will be created and the Tracks will be named the Base Playlist name.

    3 years ago
    1. Good idea.

      3 years ago
    2. I have template sessions I use them at the start off a project then along the evolution I use Import session Data and I think that's where the effort should be done like preferences, favorite, link to the highlight tracks in the edit/mix, grouped tracks

      I think it will open many facilyties

      3 years ago
    3. Do you not use a default Edit/Mix template for shows? I spent a lot of time setting up a big edit/mix template session for longform editorial - and i use it as a starting point on any show I work on. Saves me hours of that tedious setup.

      3 years ago
    4. Yes, Import Session Data is a workaround... and not the same as what I'm requesting.

      3 years ago
    5. Should have been done for ages... Logic does the trick. I do not understand why this is not implemented yet...

      3 years ago
    6. Add similar tracks would be nice... would work like duplicate minus the audio itself... DP has this.

      3 years ago
  10. I'm Up for this idea. A channel strip preset would greatly add to the functionality to Pro Tools setup.

    2 years ago
  11. Cubase has a convenient "save preset" option on the track settings dialog. It save SO much time. I purchased PT9 for my occasional clients who work in other PT studios. I was disappointed to learn that PT is missing some key features that I have taken for granted for the past dozen years in Cubase (such as being able to turn off input monitoring).

    2 years ago
  12. kkabel Merged

    The ability to save and load channel strip presets ( like in Logic

    2 years ago
    1. ??. You can save presets in any plug-in.

      2 years ago
      1. Not presets in the individual plug-ins. I am talking about saving an entire channel strip, with all its plug-ins, VIs, settings, etc. If you don't know this feature check out Logic. It is awesome. One of the only features in Logic that PT cannot match yet.

        2 years ago
  13. Just Copy the way Logic Pro handles Channel strip settings. This must me the easiest task on earth to implement.

    2 years ago
  14. Im really surprised at how many people feel this is so important... import session data is quick and easy - just make a template session with all your favourite channel/routing/plugin combos on it and import... i find it really easy and quick..

    2 years ago
    1. I think most people in here are familiar with the way of working that you describe. However, it is nothing like the ease of having your presets organised in categories, folders, etc. inside your session ready to load in in just a few mouse clicks. If you know Logic you know what I talk about. Otherwise check it out. I am not a Logic fan otherwise, but this feature is really really powerful and speeds up your workflow. This really needs to come to PT as well.

      2 years ago
  15. This is NOT the same thing as "Import Session Data". It is simply a macro which memorizes what's in 1 or more insert slots and the relevant settings. Logic has it and it very much improves the workflow, even though the program also has a kind of "import project data" feature as well.

    2 years ago
  16. If AVID implements this feature in next version, I WILL buy it =)

    2 years ago
  17. After years of upgrading and updating pro tools, I cannot beleive this is still not a feature. Completely absurd. This is really a UI thing, not even requiring a real code change to achieve. Macros, etc. should be utterly obvious. If you're not going to develop it Avid/Digi or whatever, then open the engine for scripting and let us do the work for you.

    2 years ago
  18. I teach music technology and this is a feature i feel really strongly about. My students learn PT and Logic. To begin with many (most?) prefer logic because it does things for you (channel strip settings, sounds from the library, creates a return if you create a send) the best ones soon come to prefer PT because it doesn't do these things for you...

    I would be OK with the option to save user track presets in the same way as you can save plugin presets, but the idea of a library of presets supplied with the program itself fills me with horror. Please, if this gets implemented at least offer the option of disabling it. If I see another logic session with compressor presets with thresholds set at the default, too high level and loads of individual reverbs inserted across tens of tracks, all there because channel strip presets pander to the lazy and don't encourage learning and experimentation.

    Like you can see. I really, really don't support this feature

    2 years ago
    1. That's like not supporting the idea of bicycles because there's more exercise in running that same distance. You can just delete all ChannelStrip Presets in one fell swoop in Logic (in the Finder) and the menu will empty. Same can be done for ProTools' plugin presets, as might a theorerticall future ChannelStrip preset implementation there.

      Or, you know... just not use them.

      2 years ago
  19. Many other DAWs already have this. Even Tracktion of all thing. Notably Sonar allows you to save effects chains. This is not like templates in PT. Unlike templates, effects chains or channel presets can vary form project to project an can be changed on the fly per channel as opposed to templates which affect an entire project.

    2 years ago
  20. get with it pro tools. this COMPLETELY asinine.

    1 year ago
  21. Channel strip presets as presented in Logic encourage poor working practices. I see so many students complaining about underpowered computers because of multiple instances of, for example, Space Designer created by channel strip presets when the same session running a couple of sends with effects on dedicated returns would run comfortably.

    I strongly believe that the new, improved import session data, saving plugin presets and using session templates provide all the functionality people are missing without introducing this unnecessary feature.

    1 year ago
    1. Jules, you are part of the .001% of people who just wouldn't use this feature. what you're proposing is not implementing a highly sought after feature because of your personal bias. or someone who is not a full sail instructor and who is putting out a real product under challenging constraints, this feature would make life much better and increase productivity. For a session of 12 songs with all the same kick drum, preamp, and source sound, pulling in a channel strip preset is a clear winner.

      1 year ago
    2. All is about time. SomeTIMES you'll like to do it FAST. Popular doesn't mind good and Good doesn't mind popular. Obviously a Channel strip feature come with improvements like Channel with AUX complementary channels Strips). I'll like the templates (my own templates particularly) . But CHANNEL TEMPLATEs instead of Session templates.

      1 year ago
  22. I found a different solution to this issue. It is possible to make custom presets that show up in the NEW TRACK dialog. The trick is to save templates in folders within a folder titled "Track Presets" within the Avid > Pro Tools folder. So, here are the steps. By the way, I am currently using 10.2, but I'm fairly positive this will work on 8, 9, or 10.

    1) Go to Applications > Avid > Pro Tools. Here, create a folder titled "Track Presets". I also recommend creating folders within "Track Presets" for different categories (ex: Submix Masters, Reverbs, etc) although you can do that later on.

    2) Create and configure tracks (including inputs, outputs, names, sends, volume, pan, plug-ins, etc) as desired.

    3) From the File menu, choose Save As Template.

    4) Choose "Select Location for template"

    5) Navigate to your Track Presets folder (or sub-folders) or just save anywhere then move to these folders later.

    Once your templates are saved to this "Track Presets" folder (or folders within it), they will appear as options in the New Track dialog below the normal track types (audio track, aux input track, etc). You can still use Command + Down/Up to switch through these and Option Command Down/Up will switch between multiples in your sub-folders.

    1 year ago
    1. Genius! This is awesome. How the heck did you find out abut naming that folder "Track Presets"? Leaked from AVID?

      1 year ago
    2. I'll try ...

      1 year ago
    3. Work Fine! Even with more than one track!

      1 year ago
    4. So frickin cool... And it's a week early for Easter!

      ...any other hidden folder tricks?

      1 year ago
  23. Save, load, swap, copy, paste channel strips...

    a part of Logic Pro since I think... 8 -10 years or so ?

    When using logic I use this function about 5 times per "session" (song) - and everytime I switch back to PT I rub my eyes that such a simple and extremely effective tool does not exist...

    1 year ago
  24. amiel7777 Merged

    Be able to save the plug in chain and presets of a track and be able to recall it later.

    So you can have your library of plug ins chain as an insert .....

    so no need of "import from Session"

    1 year ago
  25. Track Preset feature is already there i use it every day

    8 months ago
  26. Please enable this feature

    1 month ago
  27. We need channelstrips like in Logic Pro. It really speeds things up, and I believe a lot of us are using the same plug-in chains with very similar settings a lot.Setting up a reverb or delay send for instance would be so fast that it will save heaps of time during recording and mixing.Anyway, this will save me a lot of time when wanting to add another idea.My old digital mixer from years ago could do this!



    22 days ago
  28. py

    Hasn't anyone discovered Track Presets yet? The coolest ProTools hack ever. In fact, I think Avid may have added this to 11HD, but I have used it since v8 so I know it works at least that far back.

    Create a new folder named "Track Presets" within the ProTools application folder. Within it, create sub folders describing types of channels you might wish to have; e.g. Bass, Vocal, Monitor, String Group, Drums with FX, etc. these can be added to later but you will never need to do this again.

    Now export any selection - one or many tracks configured to your satisfaction - as a new session and saving it to the appropriate subfolder in Track Presets. In the finder, navigate to that new exported session and add the letter (t) to the file extension to make it a template.

    Now, you can simply create that channel or channels, complete with all inserts, plug-in settings, sends, IO assigns using the New Track command, in ANY session at any time. All your custom presets will appear at the bottom of the list of track types to choose from. The sky is the limit. I carry my track presets folder on my thumb drive when I work on other systems. I'm up to about 100 presets in 12 or so subfolders.

    15 days ago