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Separate "Software Monitor Button" and "Record Enable Button"

Please add separate "Software Monitor Button" and "Record Button" for each track.


Here is why I think this is very important:

To avoid latency when recording I use the hardware monitor on the Mbox Mini. And in the studio I use a separate hardware mixer to monitor the input signal(s) before the the signal(s) even reaches the the M-audio Profire Lightbrige and Pro Tools 8.

In both these situations I find my self constantly turning on and of the "Record Button" and the "Mute Button" for every take i record. This is because there is no choice to turn on/off the software monitor for each track. I wish use my focus on recording the music and listening to the takes and decide what tracks/musical ideas to keep.

All I want to do is to press Rec, Stop, and Play between the takes. I do not want to reach for the mouse and find all the Rec and Mute Buttons for all affected tracks every time for each track and take.


To clarify my idea:

Press the "Input Monitor Button" to monitor the input through the software for a track (regardless of the track being enabled for record or not). Press the "Record Enable Button" will not turn on the software monitor for that track, software monitor for a given track will only be enabled when the "Input Monitor Button" is pressed.


Please feel free to comment on this and add your own thoughts.




OP here.

No, I don't agree to merge this with that other idea. What is special with this idea is the concept of having individual Software Monitor Buttons for each audio track.

I do agree to change the title. I have now substituted "Input Monitor Button" with "Software Monitor Button". It was not meant to be mixed up with that other function in HD.

Moderator please change this important idea (234 votes!) back to active.


Submitted by gustav789 3 years ago

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Comments (23)

  1. gustav789 Idea Submitter

    An addition to the idea:

    Maybe there could be a check box in the preference menu that says something like "Input monitor always follows record enable selection". This if for those who only use software monitor and always want record enable to activate the software monitor.

    3 years ago
  2. I also posted basically the same feature. Of course, the reason this probably won't happen is because of the LE/HD divide. This feature IS available in HD systems. Go figga.

    3 years ago
  3. for me this all gets back to there just needs to be a single software program for the various hardware pieces. HD has a input select n the channel strip

    3 years ago
  4. Well, the whole idea is they make you hear the signal twice on recording, so you buy the large ProTools 9 HD.

    But you can trick that - I always record on a second (muted) track. On the first track I'm punching in, I record silence only. Now, after recording, I drag the recording from the second track into the first one. Works great for me.

    3 years ago
    1. Great work around, still seems ridiculous to have to do that. Avid wants people to move from other DAW's to them, then give us BETTER, not worse workflow! Can I get an Amen?

      2 months ago
  5. You wanna try this function? Download the free test version of Reaper. It has this all ready. In my opinion it is the best way to handle software monitor. Better than Logic and way way better than Pro Tools 9. This function is straight forward and a joy to use.

    Why is the software monitor always turned on in Pro Tools?! It does not make sense. Especially with the built in monitor application in the new MBox 3 family.

    Avid, I wish for you to try it out in Reaper and learn from your competition!

    Hope to see this soon in Pro Tools 9!

    3 years ago
  6. olh

    The title of this idea fails to express the problem that needs to be solved. It sounds like an existing HD feature while what is needed is the ability to mute input monitoring without muting the track.

    3 years ago
  7. Well, bummer.. I saw that 71 people disagreed. I wondered who could possibly disagree with this. So I clicked 'disagree'. Hey, that's not what I meant! The option, one way or another, to turn off software monitoring is a no-brainer now that PT can use 3rd party hardware.

    3 years ago
  8. olh

    Pro Tools' competition and the anti- pro tools crowd would all probably love to see it never have this feature!

    3 years ago
  9. Another big issue and the reason why I think we should have a "Input Mnitor Button" is for effects. Say for instance someone uses Auto-Tune which is very popular in order to hear the direct effect of that plug in in real time and not the "delay/double effect" of the track making it hard to hear the effect itself a "In Put Monitoring Button" is needed. And not just for Auto-Tune for all effects that are done Real Time. (Not to mention Sonar has one I know you guys dont want them beating yall in any category.)

    3 years ago
  10. OLH - perfectly agreed, so if you hate ProTools, just continue to vote for "no".

    3 years ago
  11. This is available on ProTools HD, and some other DAWs like Logic. I wish it were available in ProTools non-HD. In Logic, when you press this "I" button you can simultaneously hear the live input *and* what has already been recorded onto the track.

    3 years ago
  12. Ahhh, the joy of having picked the DAW that decided to do 'flavors' and include certain features in one flavor andnot the other, as opposed to merely letting the processing power of an HD system be the selling point alone.

    3 years ago
  13. This is especially important considering on my laptop with a USB interface I have to have a 512 sample buffer. The delay drives me nuts and mute/unmute just to listen back to what I recorded is a nuisance. Not a deal-breaker, but every other DAW on the planet has separate input monitor/record arm controls.

    3 years ago
  14. As mentioned in an earlier comment, the topic for having a preference to turn input monitoring off is almost the same as this, and really more to the point.

    If you have an external mixer setup for monitoring (whether software or hardware) it would be much easier to check a single preference to turn off software monitoring, than it would be to hit a button on every channel. A global preference is also what many of the other DAWs have, although some, like Cubase have both a preference and monitor buttons.

    3 years ago
  15. gustav789 Idea Submitter

    @Ling Smith

    I understand your point and I want to clarify my idea for you.

    See my first comment to this idea. An option to choose "Input monitor always follows record enable selection" would actually be the same as "software monitor ON". And not choosing it would be the same as "software monitor OFF". Simple as that.

    In other words, it is a single preference to turn off/on software monitoring.

    And on top of that...

    …we would still have the possibility to turn software monitor on individually for tracks! Let's say you want to use software monitor for a DI-guitar with plugins but not for your other tracks that might have open microphones. To avoid feedback. Or maybe just have software monitor on for a track that is not recording. This makes perfect sense and gives us a really fast and flexible workflow.

    I think this is a lot better then just being able to turn input monitor on/off. Just as fast and a lot more flexible. Everybody wins!

    3 years ago
  16. Gustav - I think other posters have made the most convincing case for the need for separate monitor on/off buttons for each track: you may want to turn 'input monitor on' for individual tracks when using realtime input effects like autotune and guitar processors; while leaving all the other tracks with "software monitoring off'.

    I'm not sure about your suggestion to have a preference to choose "input monitor always follows record enable selection", because that's the way it already works, it just seems to be a more complicated way of saying it. And it will get more complicated, if we have individual monitoring buttons per channel, because then the global preferences will have to either be default states, or absolute states.

    Also, does everyone here know about the preference to have "Separate record and play faders"? It's under the operations page in preferences. It currently allows you to set up everything we're talking about here, it's just more time consuming, because once you turn it on, you have to go to every channel, record enable it, and drag the 'record fader' to zero - assuming you only want software monitoring on a few channels and the rest of them without. So ultimately we have this capability, we're just looking for a fast way to do it.

    3 years ago
    1. No...we DON'T have this feature. I don't understand why so many people can't grasp the basic concept of this feature. If the record fader is down, you will not hear a track's playback when it is record enabled. The point of this feature is to be able to hear a track's playback during pre-roll of a punch - then have the input monitoring MUTE during the actual record / punch - then have the playback resume when the punch is over. If the record fader is down, you would never hear the track playback.

      2 years ago
  17. gustav789 Idea Submitter

    Ok, my idea boils down to this:

    1. A Global Software Monitor On/Off.

    2. Input Monitor buttons on every audio track.

    Simple as that!

    Please Avid make it happen.

    2 years ago
  18. This is still a problem in HD too! Somehow people seem to think that it doesn't. Angelo has it right! Hasn't anyone recorded with 2" tape before?

    1 year ago
  19. IMHO Avid needs to add this to PT9 with a free update. Not ever spending any money again until this is updated. I've invested so much in Avid software all ready and this needs to be fixed retroactively to win me back as a customer.

    I've completely stopped recommending customers to buy Avid software/hardware just because this feature is lacking. Please fix this for PT9 and you got your self an Avid promotor.

    10 months ago
  20. YES! ONE BUTTON: DISABLE INPUT MONITORING Just like every other DAW out there with far less sophistication.

    2 months ago
  21. As a long time follower of this feature request - I have been very outspoken about how necessary this feature is. Some users don't seem to quite understand the purpose of this feature - and many of you understand too well how difficult it is to record without the ability to turn off/on software monitoring.

    I logged on to formally announce that I've given up on Pro Tools for this reason specifically. I tried out the new Logic Pro X and I've fallen in love with it. It is very flexible, very intuitive, and most importantly - has SOFTWARE MONITORING BUTTONS ON EACH CHANNEL! Recording and overdubbing is a breeze compared to Pro Tools - and I am very happy I made the switch. I encourage any other frustrated Pro Tools users to try out Logic Pro X and give up on this feature request once and for all. Signing off...

    2 months ago