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Shortcut for making two mono audio tracks into one stereo.

Shortcut for making two mono audio tracks into one stereo. Kind of the opposite of Split Stereo Track into 2 Mono Tracks.


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  1. Comment
    Markeyse Mundy

    Like an option? I mean I just make a stereo track and drag and drop but I am not going to say this is not a good idea.

  2. Comment

    Good idea...I've been meaning to post this one and kept forgetting.

  3. Comment
    fredrik ( Idea Submitter )

    The reason I want this is that every track in my template is grouped and bussed in so many and special ways. That means that I don't want to create a new stereo track having to look through all the routings that comes with it... which is what I do now... Quite often.

  4. Comment

    Right. Also, there's plenty of times that I have set up a track, gotten plugins and routing set up and then realized it needed to be stereo instead of mono (or vice versa). Not fun.

    I actually think the ability to transform a track between stereo/mono audio, aux, instrument, etc. would be a welcome addition.

  5. Comment

    If this would work on both ways would be great, there are times when I need to purge a stereo track to two mono tracks, would be nice if PT would do the sends and patching and plugins of the new tracks for me.

  6. Comment
    fredrik ( Idea Submitter )

    I believe there are a quite a few funtions I've in my 12 years of PT-use, but this is not one of them. Before you, epithetmusic, start calling someone an idiot, you might wanna try and figure out what there saying and if you understand them... I'f you don't have a problem with it, well, good for you. You that obviosly are so smart, tell me how I can merge to mono tracks to stereo and bringing my plugs and sends?

    I must admit that I haven't read the whole user's manual on version 8. I think I've read almost everything on 7 though, but maybe I missed the solution.

  7. Comment

    Actually all you do is alt+drag them to copy them. You can't have them copy automatically like you want because some plug-ins don't support stereo. And sends are copied with a single click and you can't have them copy automatically because of issues when using mono sends or auxes. If you would think about it then you would realize that the programming hassle doesn't justify the minor convenience. As well as all the issues you would have to overcome first.

  8. Comment

    And a further note you might want to explain what you want in more than one line if you expect anyone, including Digidesign to understand what your looking for. And then I could have explained it better than the first time. But the original post, the way it stands, is idiotic.

  9. Comment

    Vote up, like those options

    I get a lot of session with all stereo image on two mono track, so it's a source of possible error and take more place on the screen.

    so that a GOOD suggestion

  10. Comment

    Would be great to have a keyboard shortcut to swap Left for Right in a stereo region too!

  11. Comment

    I agree! It doesn't make sense that I can right click on a stereo track and "split into mono" but not the other way around! So irritating!

    The studio I work for now is importing tons of tracks from a songwriter who works in DP, and when everything imports, they are all mono tracks, some with automation, some with notes in the track titles. They literally had to hire a second assistant JUST to set up the sessions. Tediously count how many mono tracks there are, create like 26 new stereo tracks, click and drag each one of the mono tracks into the stereo tracks, and rename every single track by hand. Whereas if they would just put in the option to merge tracks to stereo, the same way we can split into mono, it would only take 3 minutes instead of 30!

  12. Comment

    I like the idea since there could be an option to allow the newly created track to be part of the same edit/mix/vca group or track show/hide.

  13. Comment

    Great idea.. I made a script on the Batch Commander app that does this.

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