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Smart Session Cleanup Function

I would like to have a smart, half-automated way for cleaning up sessions after a mix is done.

The function should allow me to remove unused playlists, consolidate all audio files, delete unused audio regions and put everything in a new folder that contains only the audio needed for the session.


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    When saving a copy of a session for archive purposes handles could be specified. This would eliminate the steps required to open the copied session then do a consolidation.

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    Include checkbox for render inserts or not.

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    Also should automatically clean up irrelevant automation data left on tracks where there is no audio or midi regions..

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    I voted-up this idea. However, a more general solution would be for Digi to re-architect the software so that all/most of its functionality would be accessible from external automation. This would probably be AppleScript for Mac and COM Automation on Windows.

    If such was in place, a script could be written as do the types of cleanup - as well as countless other useful utilities.

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    andy ( Idea Submitter )

    Hi epithetmusic,

    either I totally missed the function you are talking about, or you are referring to the "find unused files" thing.

    This is by far not covering the features I mentioned (playlist cleanup, consolidation, etc.).

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    Check boxes for frequency, resolution, I think 24 bit wav is the obvious choice or use the sessions highest used format. Have it output Track sheets with the track names and comments. A Timeline like the universal view that would be spread out to a landscaped page. A Playlist database. Add a button for archive with or with out alternate playlists(... So you could keep the vocal variations.) All the this info should be importable to an external database ( like filemaker to html for a website). Even session times would be helpful for billing... its could show session was open from 10 am to 3:45. Seriously guys Digi not implementing this consolidate feature is what stops Pro Tools from being a pro App. Archiving is a basic need. I've been asking digi guys for this for over 10 years! Oh yeah...We don't care if it took more than realtime to do this... we 'd like to have an excuse to get a coffee..... Call it export session data or archive session.

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    This idea could be presented as a method to "Compress and Archive" a session keeping only the relevant bits required to make the session work. An "Aggressive" mode could even crop clips to only the sections heard to save space.

    This is similar removing unreferenced objects and layers in a drawing program such as Visio or AutoCAD.

    Thank you for your attention.

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    What "fuzzy" said! Would be great.

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    Try a new blank session then import session data.

    Tick the stuff you want. Away you go.

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    It should also have the option of removing inactive plugins.

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    Yes it would be very nice to bring in all media that is not in the session folder with out having to do a "Save Session Copy In" and then have all the audio files be recreated. Just a waist of time to have to do that on 25GB plus sessions. Look how Cubase or Logic Implement this I like both of their methods.

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    Once your mix is ready for printing, and that you optionally consolidated all the tracks. You can right click on the clip bin and click on select then unused, after that you do the same process and click on clear or you can use these shortcuts ctrl+shift+u (select all unused) ctrl+shift+b (clear). You can then select to delete permanently or just from this session. The later will not remove the files from the audio folder, the prior will. Best you make a back up though.

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    I like this idea a lot. In my CAD software, there is a command "Purge..." which opens a dialog of items with checkboxes. It's used to clean up and reduce the size of very large documents. The list of pertinent items for us ProTools users would be: Unused playlists, Unused audio files, Unused clips, etc.

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    There is a problem when, with the same medias, you have multiple sessions. I had recently to mix a CD and a DVD from the same live show, but not the same songs.

    In Cubase, your can clean the session but Cubase look at all the sessions in the folder before erasing audio. Pro Tools doesn't and if I clean the CD session, I'm afraid PT will erase some usefull audio for the DVD session.

    So yes for an automated cleaning feature, but an advanced one.

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