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Trim knob on audio tracks

A trim knob that works like the plugin placed before the channel plugin path would be nice. This would help in facilitating proper gain staging of tracks that are recorded too hot or too soft without using up a plugin slot.


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    Matt Connolly

    I'd prefer this to be an edit function that is applied to the audio region. That way when you move the region to another track you still hear it at the same volume you heard it before.

  2. Comment
    Delete ME

    Agree with Matt: YES maybe like a 'region based gain change' would rule! I personally wouldn't want to see an actual trim knob on all my regions lol.

    No more audiosuite gain plug-in open all the time. Great for post production and music.

    Maybe a track view that you can quickly move a gain line up or down on a per region basis. And these changes stay with the region when moved to new tracks.

  3. Comment

    Matt, it already IS an edit function using audio suite. Having options is extremely important. I say thumbs up on adding simple features like this to improve workflowsa nd let users decide whats right for each project.

  4. Comment

    These features should be a part of every fader without having to insert the trim plugin.

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      This idea is also listed as two separate ideas!

  5. Comment
    Kenny L ( Idea Submitter )


    I don't know about you but I don't know any professional that is ALWAYS involved in the recording process from beginning to end.

    Try to be a little more constructive next time troll.

  6. Comment

    This is a great idea. I normally use a inserted trim on my tracks, that are set between -2 and -0,5. it removes all the clipping in plugins and so. But indeed it would nice to have them as a knob on the track.

  7. Comment

    Built In Volume Trim Control In each Protools mix channel, in order to avoid using plugins to make soft recordings louder. Allowing other plugins to used in the insert channels.

  8. Comment
    Ashley Smith

    One should employ proper gain staging to hit PT suitably IMHO.

  9. Comment

    I like this idea, a (+)(-) 20db gain adjustment before the inserts would be very handy.

  10. Comment

    Why? When you need to take care with levels going into some plugs more than others. Try compressing the signal if the signal is already -30dB.

    Maybe inline would be better.

  11. Comment

    Well, the reason is normally when working on an analog console from my own experience. As engineers were taught to use the trim control on the mixing board in order to gain a balance in volume between different instruments in the mix. This is what professional sound engineers usually are taught when learning to mix on large format consoles. I believe it would be much simpler and bring a much more real world experience to the work flow of Protools when it come to achieving better sonic quality.Rather than relying on just a plugin to get the job done.

  12. Comment

    I agree its the way I was taught and would love to just open up with the trim nob already there.

  13. Comment

    It's a need with HEAT because now you need to trim the recording level via Audiosuite "Gain"

    not realy what we want.

  14. Comment

    I start mixing all my projects with a trim plugin on insert slot 1, I never use slot 1 for anything else. If it turns out I don't need to use it when I'm well into mixing, then I can delete it.

    If input trim exists as a live pot on every mix channel will it not use more dsp than if you only have it on the channels you need it?

    I personally use the input trim at the mix stage mainly to get a rough static mix with all faders at 0. That way, any automation is working around the 0 point on the fader, where the fader's resolution is at it's finest. Much better IMO, as fader scale is logarithmic, eg a 5mm change in fader position from the 0db point is much less of a change than 5mm change from say -40db.

    Used this way, the input trim really is working as you would use an analog desk, where the tape return channels input trim is adjusted to to get an optimum signal level into the desk for mixing.

  15. Comment

    Sorry Nigel it's wrong for me to trim @ that level to get all my fader @0.

    We, engineers need to get the right level to the next step, we talk about sound and if you like the 0 fader possition , use the trim automation like on every analog desk automation.


  16. Comment
    Community Member

    In't there an automatable Trim volume already? Or is this HD only. I use it everyday !

  17. Comment

    Sorry to disagree but I think this is a bad idea. Contrary to this idea's preposition,I believe it would actually make correct gain staging less likely! For example, you could be over-driving your mic-pre but getting normal levels in PT because your trim was turned down. It would also make metering more complicated, instead of pre and post fader you would also have to have a pre-trim meter mode. And lastly, if you are mixing someone else's recording which is too hot, there is already a trim plugin available.

  18. Comment
    Community Member

    I guess this idea has become obsolete with the advent of clip-gain in PT10. clip-gain is pre-everything so essentially the same as the idea posted.

  19. Comment

    I Use a Master Fader to maintain proportional signal level if everything is bussed but too hot or cold. Works Great. :) Although a trim fader ON the track would be amazing, would make things a lot less cluttered.

  20. Comment
    Community Member

    Perfect solution when so many of us use the TRIM plugin to achieve this. Would save a great deal of time.

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