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All users claim for it for long time.

All another softwares have it.

All people does not understand why PT doesn't have it yet.


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    ( Pinned Moderator )

    Including text from merged idea:

    When removing audio files from the region list with the clear command - could they go to the mac trash can and not get obliterated please

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    When removing audio files from the region list with the clear command - could they go to the mac trash can and not get obliterated please

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      Deleting audio regions sends files to trash (or recycle bin) instead of completely erasing them. Many times, instead hitting remove, I accidentally hit delete region...this is not "undoable."

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    My question is how are you clumsy enough to move your mouse to track > delete track accidentally. There is a reason they didn't provide a hot key, was so you didn't accidentally press it.

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    Also, if you delete a track the 'content', be it MIDI data or audio i still in your region list, you can always re-create the track....i agree with the above, it's very hard to accidentally delete a track!

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    Community Member

    It's EXTREMELY easy to accidentaly delete a track, since it's often you have several tracks selected without even knowing. You maybe have the first and the 24th track selected, and if you delete the 24th track it also deletes the first track and you don't even know.

    andrew.solomon1: And if you have several regions on a very long track? Most of the time it's not just to re-create the track, and in some cases we're talking hours and hours of work to get everything right again.

    Extremely frustrating, annoying and unnecessary! To fix this should be a priority.

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    So i guess you've learned your lesson then eh? Look at what your deleting, before you go ahead and delete it. Seems like a no brainer to me, which is why its never happened to me.

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    Community Member

    Yeah, some of you guys never makes mistakes. The rest of us are humans, though.

    On topic: I have definitely learned a lesson. Nevertheless, it's obvious that a professional sequenser should have this function.

    In Photoshop, for example, you can undo every little action, and that's how it should be. I can't see what the problem is. It's also definitely possible to code.

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    Save often, use File/Revert when you accidentally do something undoable. It would be one thing if we had unlimited Undo, but this would unnecessarily take up one of our precious 32 Undo levels.

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    I agree on the proposal, however what you can do if you accidentally remove a track, is re-importing it from an autosave session.

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    Good idea but this is not a "bug" just a feature request

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    New to the community; this was about to be my first request.

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    Community Member

    Another element of Sonar that is in my opinion far better than PT is its UNDO features. In Sonar you can more or less UNDO any action whatsoever... So for example if you...

    Accidentally delete a track or plugin.... UNDO it .. (This particular undo option should definitely be in PT, as if you mistakenly drop a PLUGIN on top of another one in PT.. it deletes that plugin!! Where as Sonar employs a sort of useful "shuffle mode" to rearranging plugins.. which saves a lot of time and frustrartion..)

    Create a track and decide you don't want it.. UNDO it

    Instantiate a plugin and change your mind.. UNDO it

    etc etc etc

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      Community Member

      Most of those things have bee requested before. Please do a search for "undo" and you will see them all.

      Please do a search before posting.

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    Xavier Collet

    Idem. First request. Hours of editing lost due to multiple track selection without knowing.

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