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Undo and redo more than 32

More undo and redo than 32 in pt le. An extra window where you can see a list with the last executed tasks


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  1. Comment

    So more like a History function.

  2. Comment

    There should absolutely be more than 32 levels of undo. Very often, it requires getting to the end of a process before you realize it was not the correct path, and yet the number of steps you performed were far more than 32. Like, for instance, debreathing a whole vocal track. Since Undo data shouldn't be taking up very much RAM anyway, as far as I know, there should be hundreds of levels. Furthermore, an adaptation of the type of Undo Tree layouts that exist in, say, Photoshop, would be the best option.

  3. Comment

    I definitely like the idea of an undo tree layout. I don't know how many times I'll make several changes and have to undo several to undo the one change I didn't like...thus having to re-create the other changes. uggghh!

  4. Comment

    especially the comparison with photoshop made a lot of sense.. this is high level editing software :)

  5. Comment

    Anyone that needs more than 32 undo's should save multiple versions of the session more often or jump back to a session backup file.

    Don't forget that each undo level costs you a bit of RAM. I believe the balance between undo levels and being able to control the number of saved backups is fine as it is.

  6. Comment

    By the way. One other way of working is duplicating your playlist before doing some extensive editing on a track (like the breathing that you're talking about).

    That way you can always get back to the situation of the track before your tedious edit proces with one quick and easy step.

  7. Comment
    Ling Smith

    Yeah, why not?

    Of course you should be able to set the number of undos in a preference. That way if you don't want to expend the ram, you don't have to.

  8. Comment
    Community Member

    More Undo and Change History...

    Change history should even be accessible after you saving and reloading the session. Just wrote the change on a small xml file attached to the session. That way, you could come on a change done the day before :)

  9. Comment

    Before you embark on an edit that involves more than 32 stages before you are sure that it is what you want to do, set auto backup to be at 1 minute intervals, then you can always go back as far as you want by accessing the backup project file.

    Also, the playlist suggestion works well too, eg if I am going to multitrack beat detective all the drum tracks, then I create a duplicate playlist and edit that, so I can always get back to the original.

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    Markeyse Mundy

    Just to let you know LE is dead.

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    1. Comment

      Yeah but Pro TOols HD still only has 32 undo levels!!

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    Kashif Ejaz

    Would be great if we could have 1000 undos and just like in Reaper most of the parameters should be undoable.

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      Community Member

      Exactly what I was thinking.

      More undos. The default could still be set to 32 to account for those who don't want to use more memory. But others should have the option of setting it higher. At least 100 undo levels would provide some legroom.

      Furthermore, as is the case with Reaper, almost everything in PT should be undoable.

      Resorting to backup sessions or duplicate tracks are inefficient, incomparable workarounds compared to quick undoing/redoing.

  12. Comment

    If you're going to be undoing that much, might be nice to create a save point.... If only there was a way for it to happen automatically.

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