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Real-time plug-ins / sends on individual clips / regions

I don't use AudioSuite because it is destructive so i end up duplicating tracks for just a slightly different EQ, harder comp, a single delay or reverb on just one word etc and this way i end up with a lot of tracks with maybe just one clip on them.


Attaching a real-time effect to that single clip to adjust EQ or creating a delay, or if you wish to send the clip to an aux or whatever would speed up the process and sessions would end up using less tracks.


More info on this kind of workflow taken from samplitudes website.


"As well as the classic track-related editing options, Samplitude also features object-level editing. This opens up new possibilities for processes like mixing and sound design. The audio material can be split into as many objects as you like and moved around on tracks freely. Every object may be edited with custom effects and fades, e.g. equalizer, timestretching, pitchshifting or VST plug-ins. Even AUX sends are possible at object level. This means that the particular AUX send is only active for this particular object. This makes time-consuming automation obsolete.


The object editor provides real-time access to every setting for the object. All settings at the object level are calculated non-destructively during playback. Therefore no new files are created. This saves space on the drive and also provides the option of changing settings at any time. Each object can be processed with the complete palette of included effects and inserts for DirectX and VST plug-ins.


For example, you may discover that individual words from a vocal track require a pitch adjustment, so you could split each word, even every syllable into a single object. These individual objects may be corrected with the real-time pitch correction function or edited in terms of volume and panorama or using other plug-ins."



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