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Artist MC Touchscreen buttons follow banking when beyond 32

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The 32 tracks touch buttons (squares) in the MC control screen in “TRACKS” tab does not follow banking when you exceed 32 tracks. So all the faders bank to the new tier (I.E. Tracks 33 to 40, while the touchscreen buttons still remain on the previous Track 1-32. That seems odd, based on how all other things follow banking selection. Should the touch screen tracks not follow banking?

The MC touch screen in TRACKS tab shows up to 32 Tracks and does not interact with the bank function when you have banked to Tracks 33 and upwards and it appears that if you exceed 32 Tracks, the following tracks on the touch screen from 33 on upward have to be paged up with the up arrow on the touch screen in order to be viewed and it does so in a “Fill channels” method. I.E., The second page does not simply start from 33 and on. If there are 40 Tracks, the touch screen shows Tracks 9 through 40. It would be less disorienting if the page started at 33.

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Opertaing System(s) : Windows 8, Windows 7, OS X 10.10, OS X 10.9


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