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Separate "Software Monitor Button" and "Record Enable Button"

Please add separate "Software Monitor Button" and "Record Button" for each track.




Here is why I think this is very important:


To avoid latency when recording I use the hardware monitor on the Mbox Mini. And in the studio I use a separate hardware mixer to monitor the input signal(s) before the the signal(s) even reaches the the M-audio Profire Lightbrige and Pro Tools 8.


In both these situations I find my self constantly turning on and of the "Record Button" and the "Mute Button" for every take i record. This is because there is no choice to turn on/off the software monitor for each track. I wish use my focus on recording the music and listening to the takes and decide what tracks/musical ideas to keep.


All I want to do is to press Rec, Stop, and Play between the takes. I do not want to reach for the mouse and find all the Rec and Mute Buttons for all affected tracks every time for each track and take.




To clarify my idea:


Press the "Input Monitor Button" to monitor the input through the software for a track (regardless of the track being enabled for record or not). Press the "Record Enable Button" will not turn on the software monitor for that track, software monitor for a given track will only be enabled when the "Input Monitor Button" is pressed.




Please feel free to comment on this and add your own thoughts.








OP here.


No, I don't agree to merge this with that other idea. What is special with this idea is the concept of having individual Software Monitor Buttons for each audio track.


I do agree to change the title. I have now substituted "Input Monitor Button" with "Software Monitor Button". It was not meant to be mixed up with that other function in HD.


Moderator please change this important idea (234 votes!) back to active.



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