More Focus On Performance!!

I've been using Pro Tools 9 for a week now let's just say there's not much difference in terms of how well this program utilizes the super computers of the day.


For example, I have a Mac Pro w 24 cores and 12 GB of Ram, WHY ON EARTH DO I GET THIS MESSAGE:


Pro Tools is Critically low on memory. Please save your session and re-launch Pro Tools(-9006)


Followed by this message-


DAE error -9031 was encountered.


and then this message:


Out of memory during Elastic Audio processing. Please switch tracks to render mode. (-9419)


Might I add this is a session of about 15 audio tracks, 3 VIS and NO elastic audio.


Yes, many of the ideas coming up here are great but overall performance and stability is probably the most important of them all. I'd like to see AVID make some REAL progress in this respect and please don't give me nonsense about old code, it's 2010.



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