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Memory Location improvements



When creating memory locations, it would be faster to make an option that changes the default Time-Properties of the new Mem-Loc like so:

* When my selector is within a range - Default a Selection

* When my selector is just a on the grid without a range - Default to Marker




Another option is to Enable CMD + ARROWS to change the Time Properties (Just like creating a new track).

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Pro Tools features

Separate Clips at all Memory Location Markers

Have a feature in the Memory location window to put a clip separation everywhere there is a memory location marker for a highlighted track.


For those of us who edit LOTS of voiceovers, I will make separations at all the memory locations (bad parts in the script) so that when I'm editing....I don't move all the audio further down stream, causing it to be off it's marker.

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Fix Application Manager Draining System Resources

>100 Threads >250 MB RAM 30-40% CPU usage on a 2.6GHz i7 That's a pretty typical usage I'm seeing from a combination of the 'AvidApplicationManager' and 'AvidAppManHelper' processes on macOS 10.12.4, which by default are always running! Furthermore, the app manager is also causing huge slowdown on system startup, sometimes immobilizing it for up to 10 minutes. These are way more resources than any update manager should ...more »

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Pro Tools bugs

Selection Memory Locations with Absolute Reference Remain Relative When Session Start Timecode Changes

When changing the session start time in the Session Setup window, Pro Tools seems to erringly override Selection memory locations that have Absolute time references and treats them as relative instead (a bug). To reproduce: 1) Make a PT session with at least one track and one region 2) Create a Selection memory location with an Absolute time reference (not Bar | Beat). Note the timecode. 3) Open Session Setup window, ...more »

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Opertaing System(s) : OS X 10.11


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