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In Grid mode, use the Command (Mac) or Control (Windows) key to toggle off (or “clutch” out of)

It would be very handy to turn that function on and off via the prefs menu. In some situations like high speed editing it is very annoying to have the insertion/selection always jumping to grid mode.



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Pro Tools bugs

Fade LENGTH as an option in Preferences > Default Fade Settings

When selecting a full clip or group of clips (not just a single edit point), and pressing the "F" key with no modifiers, the current behavior in 12.6 is to create a fade in, crossfade, and fade out according to the settings in Preferences. However the length of each fade and crossfade defaults to 10 ms. I would like to be able to set a default for the lengths of these fades. ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Side note: In ...more »

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Batch EuCon Commands

Would love to see Batch EuCon Commands

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