S3 features

Flip parameters with control surface

Make it possible to flip parameters for example the gain of en eq-band by pressing shift and option/alt and touching the correspondent knob or fader on the control surface. Just like if you shift option-click control points in the EQ graph.

Submitted by (@linusgidstedt)
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Pro Tools features

Create Pro Series EQ Plugin

I love the Avid Pro Series EQ plugins. I would love to see the same philosophies and approach applied to an EQ plugin. Something along the lines of Fab Filter's Pro Q or DMG Audio's Equality or Equilibrium. Offering a high number of bands (16+), each being able to take on any shape or filter type. A spectrum analyzer would be lovely. There are lots of great EQ plugins out there but this would round out the Pro Series ...more »

Submitted by (@dansmithsound)
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Pro Tools features

Please include a spectrum analyzer with 12 or more bands in it.

This line of plugins with 8.0 is really pretty wonderful. I am so happy with em. But why not include a general use plugin for fast frequency analyzer with a nice graphic display to assist with more efficient eq adjustments.

Submitted by (@eric.jenkins)


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