Campaign: Pro Tools features

A.I. Drum Tracks

To me, one of the top features in Logic (and even GarageBand), but missing from ProTools, is this: Being able to put down a drum track, tell it where to play, tweak the complexity/loudness/fills/swing/etc, and straight away get a pretty decent 'human'-sounding drum track. It can even be copied to a MIDI track, tweaked and put to any instrument. (See attached screenshot if you're not familiar with this Logic feature). ...more »

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Campaign: Eleven Rack bugs

Editor will not load if Pro Tools is running

The editor will not load if Pro Tools is running. I always have to close PT if I want to use the Eleven Rack Editor. I also frequently get the blank white screen. I know the workaround but it's shocking how often I have to do that (i.e. delete Eleven Rack folder). Since this is such a common problem, why doesn't Avid fix this???

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Campaign: Pro Tools bugs

Midi score editor super slow to open up when there is alot of midi tracks

I am opening up a new bug report, since the one that's listed here is listed as Fixed, but it's still happening on PT12.5.2!!! please download attached file and open up session. attempt to double click on any midi region to load midi score view and observe that it takes anywhere from 30 sec to a min to open up score view. occurs both on ...more »

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