Pro Tools bugs

Mono mult output bug in PT 12.8

I have a mono track for 2-pop and tones that uses multiple output assignments to put tones and 2-pop directly on the re-record tracks. But for some reason, I can't mult to more than (10) outputs!. This is serious. That track usually goes to 40-50 outputs. Anyone else seeing this? My other multiple output assignments seem to be behaving, but maybe that's because they're all assigned to fewer than (10) outputs. Wasn't ...more »

Submitted by (@reichman)

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Opertaing System(s) : macOS 10.12


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Pro Tools features

Move Mix window out of the main screen -- important for use with multiple monitors

Currently it is not possible to move Mix window out of the main screen (with gray background). This feature is necessary to place Mix on one of secondary screens. Workaround of stretching main window to secondary monitors is not convenient because you need to resize each window manually, this is not right way of developing Windows applications, and also it will not work if you have multiple screens with different resolutions ...more »

Submitted by (@ivan.kosyakov)

Opertaing System(s) : Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


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Pro Tools features

More/Several Mixing Windows for Master or Headphones section

Add the possibility to open 2 or 3 mix windows, in order to simplify visualisation for multiple screen users.

for example you can open a mixing window on a specific screen just for headphones and/or master section, and keep tracks only on your main screen(s).

Submitted by (@ultrasteak)

Opertaing System(s) : OS X 10.11, OS X 10.10, OS X 10.9, OS X 10.8


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