Campaign: Pro Tools features

Shortcut for Instrument Tracks

It would be wonderful to be able to create shortcuts to open specific Virtual Instruments on new Instrument tracks. Presently, to instantiate Kontakt, I have to use the New Track command, use the key commands to choose Stereo and Instrument, and hold-and-scroll through a sizable number of VIs until I get to Kontakt. (or any other VI) I would love to get this down to one command. Even if it's a sequence of actions ...more »

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Campaign: Pro Tools features

Add an INPUT MONITORING BUTTON to instrument tracks

I would like to see Instrument tracks have an ' input monitoring button ' ..., the same as Audio Tracks do. Many people actually rehearse their gig ...., - trigger samples to tempo maps etc running in pro tools,, - or others who like JAM along via Pro Tools on a Macbook Pro's etc with a decent low latency Interface hooked up to their rehearsal room P.A's , and once in a blue moon they may actually record with it. ...more »

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