Pro Tools features

Folders in the Region List

For better region management i would like to see folders in the region list. It would be great if you could assign one or multiple tracks to a folder in the region list and all the recordings and edits of the track(s) end up in the designated folder in the region list. This folder could then also be created in the Audio Files folder for even better file management.

Submitted by (@bortraws)


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Pro Tools features

Save/Load Plug-in 'chains' (common plug-ins combos)

It would eliminate the awfully slow process of importing session data, copying plugins, deleting tracks, etc.


(Changed from "Channel Strip Presets" to avoid confusion with the Channel Strip plug-in.)

Submitted by (@truelight11)

Knowledge Base Article Link :

Version(s) Addressed In : 2018.1

Opertaing System(s) : n/a


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Pro Tools features

Audio to Midi

Where is audio to midi?!? Digi, its 2009! You have a great program but sometimes I wonder... If we had this, we wouldn't have to buy Drumagog to replace live drum sounds. We'd do audio to midi, then use the new midi track with BFD or DFH Superior.


We could sing a bass line and then have XPand play it on the bass!

Submitted by (@neve73)


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Pro Tools features

Session Documentation

I could really use an in-session documentation feature. I always include a RTF file with a log of my hours that I worked and what I did. It would be nice if PT had a feature that would log my hours and allowed me to comment on this log and then print or export it. This would be a simple feature to program and would make documentation much easier to keep on top of.

Submitted by (@justin1)


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Pro Tools features

Automation should follow Elastic Audio

Elastic Audio changes audio-length only. Unfortunately all automation will stay at original length. This unlinked manner makes the nice Elastic Audio feature quite worthless in my opinion since all existing automation goes wrong after Elastic editing. So what about "Elastic-Automation" ? Intuitive standard behavior should be linked timescaling of Audio and Automation in one edit-step. Working title: "Elastic Audiomation". ...more »

Submitted by (@helgeschwarz)


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Pro Tools features

Name Tracks when Created

Hi guys, love the software. Would really help if we could name the tracks when we set them up. I.e. when create a new track, the fields would be 1) # tracks to create, 2 ) Mono or Stereo, 3) Type of track [Aux, Audio, Instrument etc...] 4) Sample or Ticks 5) Track Names. If there are multiple tracks to create, give us the option to name ALL new tracks at the create stage, or bypass the naming at this stage. This way when ...more »

Submitted by (@mike001)


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