Pro Tools bugs

Video blacks out when using pre-roll and loop playback PT11.2.2-PT12

1) set pre-roll to 1 sec and turn on loop-playback.

2) make a selection.

3) hit play


notice the picture go black like the blink of an eye exactly at the in-point of your selection after the pre-roll.


Only happens when pre-roll and loop-playback are on. Without loop-playback it works fine.


New bug in 11.2.2




Update 2 June 11:


So far I've seen this happen on every PT version after 11.2.2 incl. PT12. OS-Version doesn't matter. It only affects systems with video hardware present. I think it's definitely a PT bug because the BM driver also has no effect on it. Something broke when version 11.2.2 came out and it hasn't been fixed yet.


See DUC-thread for details.


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