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Noise burst when you stop/start quickly or loop with Delay Comp enabled in PT 12.0-12.4

Occurs when starting and stopping playback quickly or if looping a section with Delay Comp enabled.


STEPS (turn down/off speakers):

1. New session, create 2 new mono audio tracks and 1 stereo master fader, turn delay compensation on

2. Create 1 min of audio on the first track with Signal Generator

3. Automate a fade from 0:50.000 to 1:00.000 minute on Track 1

4. Put BF-76 on Track 1, Pitch II on Track 2

5. Turn off "insertion follows playback" and put the cursor at 20 seconds

6. Start playback, and when the counter passes about 55 seconds hit stop and play really quickly. You may have to do this a couple of times, but you will get a massive "pop" and an over that registers something crazy on the master fader.


WORKAROUND: Disable Delay Compensation


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