2nd Generation HD Accel Cards (FPGA/DSP Hybrid)

Even with Computer CPUs becoming more powerful by the day, I think that specialty cards like the HD Accel Cards still have an advantage when connected to Pro Tools. Latency will be lower, the computer will not have to work as hard, and you will have more power overall. By adding a accelerated card will "supercharge" your machine, reducing processes needed for the CPU, letting the cards do all mixing chores. The features I would like to see is;


1. PCIe 2.0/3.0 x4 interface

2. 10x more power than current TDM cards

3. FPGA and DSP (Dynamic) hybrid system

4. Onboard ECC RAM for Plug-ins

5. Replace ribbon connectors with gold fingers for connecting multiple cards.

6. Stylish Casing to cover chips with LED "AVID" logo.

7. 64-bit Floating Point Mixer Resolution

8. 32-bit, 192K Resolution

9. 64 I/O with two mini DigiLink ports each card

10. Serial port for Sync HD



The Hybrid system will make the cards very flexible, while being able to build cards quickly. It would be nice for Avid to release a refresh of the cards once every three years. These cards will be able to run TDM plugins as well as maybe a next generation RTAS system. This would be perfect for the next generation Pro Tools with 64-bit ( http://protools.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Pro-Tools-64-bit-Application/13043-3779 ). It would also be nice if each card was cheaper than the TDM cards, around $4000-5000.


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