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9172/3 etc

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9172. I WANT to subscribe and pay the $1K per year but I'm frozen at 12.5. I WILL buy it when Pro Tools works without crashing or me having to reset buffer, toggle delay comp 10+ times a day. Have used Pro Tools since when Digidesign was a sample edit app (80s). Then onto Sound Designer/Tools etc. A friend who's having the 9173 issues bought 18 and says it's worse. I think if there are plugins that are causing this problem they should not be certified as an AAX plugin - as Apple controls what apps can claim to work on their iPhones. I use fairly big VI apps and run lots of plugins (HDX). I don't think it should be my job to go hunting for the information. One thousand is a lot of dollars and many tens of thousands spent over the decades is even more.

If any of you out there are running PT with high track count and big VIs without 9192/3s I'd love to hear your solutions. Thanks

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.11

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