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To me, one of the top features in Logic (and even GarageBand), but missing from ProTools, is this: Being able to put down a drum track, tell it where to play, tweak the complexity/loudness/fills/swing/etc, and straight away get a pretty decent 'human'-sounding drum track. It's also possible to have it 'follow' audio tracks and more effectively pick out a rhythm. It can even be copied to a MIDI track, tweaked and put to any instrument.


(See attached screenshot if you're not familiar with this Logic feature).


I know various plugins (e.g. EZdrummer, Studio Drummer, etc.) can do this, but they are costly, and also can't produce something passable as quickly, in my experience. Logic can do this in only a few clicks, using just what comes out-of-box.


Would love to see something like this in ProTools. It doesn't need all their cheesy 'pick a drummer' stuff; just let it link to regular software instruments (e.g. Xpand, Boom, Kontakt, etc.).


As someone unskilled at programming drums, this would make a huge difference; however, I reckon it could be a time-saving start point for programming your own drums too.

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