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Ability to edit Marker location on timeline by manually entering in absolute value

Title pretty much sums it up. In Pro Tools 11 and up please allow the ability to edit a Marker's place on timeline by manually entering in an absolute value (the value would be whatever counter mode you are in, ie timecode, min:sec, samples...). I know a few other DAWs that have been able to do this for quite some time.


The new timeline location edit could happen in the "Edit Memory Location" dialog (accessed either by double clicking on a marker in the timeline or in the "Memory Locations" window), which I always found ironically named, considering that is one of the things that you can't do.


If you want to move a marker and you know exactly where you want to move it to, this feature would save time instead of having to drag the marker or creating a new one and then deleting the old marker. When you know the exact desired location, I find dragging markers around to be frustrating and it can really slow down your workflow.


Also, being able create a new marker at a manually entered exact time would be nice, but it is not as important. It would just save a step. For example:

Open "New Memory Location" dialog (keypad enter or click new marker on the timeline) > enter in timeline location > click done or press enter


vs the current:


click in the counter> enter value > press enter > create new marker


BTW, a "New Marker" button that lives in the Memory Locations window would be nice too. Seems like a rational place to be, especially if you are clicking around in that window editing markers anyway.


I've searched everywhere in the manual and online but couldn't find a way to do this, if this feature already exists then I apologize and please enlighten me how to do this.


EDIT: So there is actually a way to do this already, but it is not pretty and I think this process could be greatly improved with my suggestions.


Thanks user joachimvonbreitenstein for pointing out how to do this:

"click in the counter> enter value > press enter > hover with mouse over mem loc to be changed in the mem loc window, right click, enter."


I've tried it, it works.


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