About MIDI velocity with samples

I was hoping to get a better picture about MIDI velocity where it pertains to crossfading between two samples of the same instrument. I thought that that was part of the improvement of using sampled instruments was that there is a crossfade between a sample recorded softer and a sample recorded louder and that the greater the velocity, the greater the BLEND of the two sample become until the higher sample is most dominant. I admit that, for the longest time, I have been assuming this is what is happening. But the more I use these samples, I realize that the timbre of the one sample abruptly changes at I.E. a velocity of 88 to a completely different timber at 89 and above. There is no blending of the two samples. It just switches them. When working on sensitive solos or ensembles, is becomes apparent to distraction.


Is there something you can tell me about it? Is there a technique or approach to it that I am missing? I should say, it is not exclusive to VSL. It happens in NI & Sample Tank too.


Also the velocity curve seems more linear than logarithmic. Lowering a sample velocity to as low as 01 still is as loud as I.E., 20. I am not sure why this issue is not addressed or if it is, I could use some understanding of how it is.


I appreciate your response.

Thank you


P.S. I am using VSL, NI & IKM Sample Tank in both MAC & Windows based machines in Pro Tools 10 & 12.8. I was a beta tester for Cubase 3 and Steinberg 24 & VST since the Ataru versions in ’85.


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