Artist Series features

Add Option for Linear Knobs

"Let a knob be a knob"


Users need the option to use the knobs on Artist Control and Artist Mix in a Linear fashion, where a given range of knob-sweep outputs a given range of control data, regardless of speed of turning the knob.


The way it works now is driven by velocity: You get more control sweep the faster you turn the knob, and finer-grained control for slower moves.



Accelerated knobs can be handy for quickly moving through the range then dialing in a precise value. However they have serious pitfalls:


1) Requires unnecessary and distracting user-feedback mechanisms: Accelerated knobs require the user to observe whether they're getting the degree of control desired by watching a display, or when possible, listening to the change.


2) Performance Unpredictability: It becomes impossible to "perform" the knob. For instance you want to quickly dip a reverb send around a certain syllable, then then slowly return it back to the same level. With accelerated knobs it may take a quarter turn to duck the send, then four turns to return it. This is utterly distracting and frustrating in a mix.


3) Control Unpredicability: It's impossible to know how much you've changed the control kinesthetically, by how much you've rotated the knob.


The very reason I use a controller is to perform mixes, and this can only be done with predictable, linear controls.


Please add this option to all Artist-Series control knobs.


Idea No. 3949