Pro Tools bugs

Add Scrollbar to Windows Lists

It's obvious that the UI was developed with Mac in mind. But there are some missing functions in PT for Windows that should always follow the OS defaults. One of these are the list dialogs, for example, the I/O list. Currently, it the list is longer than the dialog can display, you have to click a little arrow at the top or bottom of the list in order to scroll through the items. The most scroll wheel doesn't work. Since this is a Windows application, the list should have a vertical Scrollbar to the right that not only works with the mouse scroll wheel, but would allow the user to physically click on the Scrollbar and drag the list to find the item. This should have been implemented by default. This is why I'm putting this in the "ProTools Bugs" category.

Opertaing System(s) Windows 10


Idea No. 1159