Pro Tools features

Add an Automation Event List

Adding an Automation Event List (similar to the MIDI Event List) would be a welcome feature to Pro Tools. To summarize: it would be the Automation counterpart to the MIDI Event List.


Much like the MIDI counterpart, this event list would be a floating or docked window that would have a drop-down selector to choose the displayed track.


It would list all automation breakpoints with three columns: location (time), parameter (affected control), and value (parameter value)


The Location and Value fields would be directly editable with the numpad or number keys, much in the same way that the MIDI Event List is. This would allow fine-tuning of automation breakpoints without the mouse.


It would also be an opportunity to allow for exporting as comma-separated values or XML, for import automation into other DAWS when AAF or OMF are not suitable.


Idea No. 4288