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Add an INPUT MONITORING BUTTON to instrument tracks

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I would like to see Instrument tracks have an ' input monitoring button ' ..., the same as Audio Tracks do.


Many people actually rehearse their gig ....,

- trigger samples to tempo maps etc running in pro tools,,

- or others who like JAM along via Pro Tools on a Macbook Pro's etc with a decent low latency Interface hooked up to their rehearsal room P.A's , and once in a blue moon they may actually record with it.

- or maybe your just not ready to record your MIDI notes just yet , but just want to simply monitor the live playing of multiple V.I's so you can experiment with ideas.


Therefore ..., having an INPUT MONITORING BUTTON on INSTRUMENT TRACKS .., to select multiple V.I's so they can be heard simultaneously 'without record enabling' would surely be a bonus, and it would be less taxing on CPU's and lower latency than current workarounds.


Currently there is ONLY this option available :

..., ie; Setup (menu) > Preferences > MIDI tab > Default thru instrument > First selected MIDI track.


But - This only allows one Instrument track to be monitored only because you can't have multiple VI tracks selected and audible without record-enabling them.

Also .., if you do decide to record on any other track, it means all armed tracks get recorded when perhaps you don't want them to be.


It would be a big improvement to Instrument Tracks .., Just like it was - when this same INPUT MONITORING button was recently added to AUDIO tracks in Pro Tools Native ;)

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.10

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