Artist Series features

Add group and master touch button

Hi, It should be very useful if AVID add more 2 touch button beside tracks and before soft keys and surround and setup......

I think Group like D-control, in this button the lcd screen should be display all groups present in the session and press for ex DRUMS all fader show up the tracks relative to DRUMS group, eccc.

Another button should be MASTER and the lcd display shuold show the master as: audio track, midi track, aux, groups, VCA and so on like D-Control.

In this case if for example press aux, the fader should align to all aux presents in a session. Shoud be grouped in 4 or 8 faders an leaves the other faders for normal track. This way work in D-control and is very very useful.

I like this functions available for all software not only PT

It also an idea to show in the lcd display only the button we need....for example I don't use never surround so I'd like to 'hide' from the list


Idea No. 3830