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Advanced Slip/Shuffle Mode Needed! - Similar to Reaper (ripple) and Sadie (slip) - Please support!

Hi everyone I've seen numerous old threads about his subject and it hasn't been implemented yet.


I've worked with many DAWs and prefer protools overall. It is however, missing this feature which Sadie and Reaper have been doing for years. Adding this feature will save hours and hours of editing time for many speech editors (i.e. radio documentary producers) and also dubbing mixers when they need to make changes after 'picture lock'.


Please note I'm aware of option+shift+return and also option+H. However these shortcuts are very basic and time-consuming compared to Reapers 'ripple' feature and sadie's 'slip' feature which can be turned on with a click of a button or hotkey.


Once enabled you would be able to slip all audio regions, including the one highlighted, to the right or left depending on what setting it is on. This should also be able to be set to 1 track or all the tracks. When moving the audio it would be freely dragged by the mouse - because not everything in audio needs to be set to a grid.


The current shuffle setting only moves audio on 1 track and nudges it up tight against the closest region - not useful at all.


Why is it important? Because not every audio process is linear. Sometimes you'll build the end, the beginning then the middle and need to move everything quickly and ACCURATELY.

How would this benefit AVID? Because DAWs like Sadie are flaky and expensive. I personally would much rather move over to one single DAW for all of my audio work - as would many speech audio producers.


Example in Reaper - jump to 10.38 -

Please support this feature.





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