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Allow Midi Omni as Midi Output (MPE Roli Linnstrument Compatibility)

Currently, you can only select an individual channel when choosing a midi output on a midi track. Other DAW software I've used also allows the selection of Midi Onmi to a midi output. What this means is that any midi channel can be transmitted to a midi device or virtual instrument on a single track.


The reason I am suggesting this feature is primarily to allow much easier integration with new multi-channel (MPE) midi controllers such as the Roli Seaboard Rise and LinnStrument. This feature could also be very useful with multi-channel sequencers, drum machines and electronic drum sets as well.


The way it is now, if one wanted to use the Roli Seaboard Rise in Pro Tools with it's own Equator virtual instrument, you'd have to create 10 different midi tracks (one for each finger) and route each track's midi input to 10 different Roli Seaboard channels and then route each midi track output to 10 different channels in the Equator virtual instrument. In other DAWs, one can simply have one midi track with the input as the Seaboard Midi Omni and ouput Midi Omni to the Equator virtual instrument.


There are also other benefits to having this functionality. One would be having a single midi track to trigger multiple drum channels of a single virtual instrument instead of having to use many midi tracks. When doing midi drum editing it can be much more time consuming working across multiple midi tracks instead of having them all on one screen.


I can only guess that Pro Tools is looking into improving it's midi features to better compete with other DAWs and make it a better composition tool. My only hope is that this feature doesn't get overlooked.


Thanks for taking the time to check this out and please help by voting.


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