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Alt+Delete Unused Regions Not Working Properly...

Windows XP and 8.0.5 and a Digi 002 Rack, but I've read this bug is also happening with Windows 7 and 9.0.2:


Select Unused, then Clear and Alt + Delete should delete the files from the Region List without going through and asking if you're sure you want to delete the files. Unfortunately in 8.0.5 you are now still asked for confirmation of each and every file as if you weren't using the Alt key. And some of the unused files cannot be deleted, only removed. Prior to the update to 8.0.5, Alt + Delete worked correctly and all unused files were deleted.


I am also experiencing a video glitch where I will separate a region at the cursor and then nudge the new region to the right, but a portion of the region will remain in place. Once I zoom in or out, this "ghost remnant" disappears.




Idea No. 1748